Red Bull AdrenaLAN

Dota 2 and StarCraft II players dominate day 2 of Red Bull AdrenaLAN

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Dota 2 and StarCraft II show matches between major players of epic proportions took the shine during the second day of Red Bull AdrenaLAN presented by Bell.

Red Bull AdrenaLAN presented by Bell is a massive LAN party, providing the Toronto gaming community a place to come together to game with friends and like-minded players. That said, some people only come to watch the pros play. 
The first show match featured Dota 2 pros OG taking on Immortals for a legendary match-up, giving the players a more casual setting to play hardcore.
Andrew Campbell of MoonduckTV took to the stage to commentate the best of five matches. Taking on an early lead in the first match, OG pulled a clutch win at the very end of the third round. "Kinda a weird game," said Campbell about game three of the tournament. "It was all OG, then they threw it away, then they came back again."
Eventually, it came down to the grind with both teams getting two wins a piece. Both teams were willing to play a lot more recklessly with OG attacking through the bot side – but Immortals managed to hold them off long enough to equalize the score. Immortals tried to end match 4 by ignoring OG and rushing the base, but they ended up dying significantly. However, they pulled it off in the end, just focusing on the Dire Ancient to take it down at the expense of everything else.
Eric “Ryoya” Dong from the Immortals showed his love for being in the presence of his fans. “It’s more about having fun and meeting your fans,” he said. “It’s the coolest part of being a pro player. It’s really cool that you play a game and people know you and respect you.”
Red Bull OG
Red Bull OG
“The vibe here is always so nice,” OG’s Sunstein spoke about being at community events. “It’s expo events that level you a lot as a player. Whereas at tournaments, we tend to just hangout backstage. Here everyone is on the same level.”
Both teams played it relatively safe in the final match. While there were still plenty of kills, the teams focused and played smarter, keeping the match neck-and-neck for nearly the entire game. In the end, Immortals pulled ahead to take the final game, putting out an overwhelming amount of damage during the final push.
For the StarCraft II show match, well known pros Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn and Artur "Nerchio" Bloch took each other head on 1 v 1, Zerg vs Zerg.
“We’re both playing Zerg,” Nerchio began, “so it’s a ZvZ. So, it’s really chaotic and very messy. There’s a lot of things happening at once. If you mis-control one of them, it could be a disaster. It’s very exciting to watch, but very stressful for the players. It’ll be really tough for both of us. We’re very experienced, so it’s nothing unusual from what we usually do.”
Out of a “match of 5” style, Scarlett took the first two matches with ease in the first twenty minutes, eventually taking the win very quickly as a 3 - 1. “It’s really cool being back in Canada, playing events,” explained Scarlett. “It’s really nice to play in my home country and represent, especially in tournaments.”
Community events have their own way of helping players better themselves, even if it doesn’t help them improve as players. “In a way,” Ryota explained, “it’s the atmosphere that help you. It’s somewhat similar to a LAN, but in terms of gameplay, it doesn’t really help. The atmosphere can.”