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Your guide to the best bike accounts on YouTube

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Trick tips, how-tos, POVs, and mind-bending edits -- these 8 accounts have it all.
By Ilanna BarkuskyPublished on
There is no shortage of quality accounts on YouTube when it comes to biking. When you start to dive deep into the endless online library, you’ll find a wide array of accounts touching every single corner and segment of the sport. With this much variety, you could become quickly overwhelmed over what is worth your clicks, which is why we’ve compiled our list of bike accounts to follow.
With each of these channels popular in their own right, they individually focus on one aspect of the biking world in their own unique way. See below for the leaders in how-to guides, viral videos, and behind the scenes content.

1. Matt Jones

Keeping up with the everyday life of a professional biker who does it all.
Matt Jones can always be found on his bike, whether that means downhill, enduro, dirt jumping, or slopestyle. As a competitor on the Crankworx circuit, his channel provides insight into his life as a professional mountain bike rider. From his own backyard setup to his travels to the world’s top trails, he will motivate you to get as many days on your bike as you can.

2. Fabio Wibmer

For the inspiration to get creative on your bike.
Austrian trials rider Fabio Wibmer is known for creativity that transcends the world of biking itself. Watch any of his releases from Home Office to Wibmer’s Law and you will quickly realize Fabio’s approach is far from conventional and is guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor. This is one account you’ll want to subscribe to if you want to be first in line to watch his future guaranteed-to-be-mind-blowing videos.

3. The Loam Ranger

Weekly videos covering various mountain bike adventures, reviews, and how-tos.
The Loam Ranger is composed of duo Ryan and Beth, who have made it their mission to create informative videos covering their adventures and tips for over 250,000 subscribers. They’ve got you covered from guides to improve your own GoPro bike footage to one whole hour of uninterrupted POV video. If you’re new to biking, their guide to starting out is one of their most popular videos.

4. BCPov

For intel on BC’s bike trails and beyond.
Living up to their name, this is your go-to account for showcasing the world-renowned terrain of Canada’s most western province. If you’re planning a trip or want to relive the experience of riding in BC, this is the channel for you. It doesn’t stop there -- you won’t want to miss highlights from their travels abroad to the bike trails of Mexico, Colorado, or Arizona.

5. Finn Iles

Documenting life as a professional downhill mountain biker.
As a professional mountain biker hailing from Whistler, British Columbia, Finn Iles gives downhill fans a look into his lifestyle on the elite circuit of the UCI World Cup Tour. With occasional cameos in his videos from Mitch Marner and Craig McMorris, this is not your average bike channel. Tune in for everything from POV videos to heli-biking adventures around the world.

6. Dusty Betty

Female-focused tips and gear reviews for all levels of mountain biking.
Tess, also known as Dusty Betty, bought her first bike in 2014 and now lives in an Airstream trailer to follow the seasons and ride all year round. Her goal with starting a channel was to inspire more women to get into the sport and connect with other riders. With that in mind, Tess focuses her videos on providing all types of insights including her experiences with bikepacking and tutorials such as learning how to jump and wheelie. She also has an extensive library of gear reviews that can help women of all abilities in choosing the right products.

7. Seth’s Bike Hacks

The most comprehensive library of trick tips, how-to videos, and product guides.
If you’ve ever gone searching for tips and tricks, you have likely already come across Seth Alvo, the man behind Seth’s Bike Hacks. With over 2 million subscribers, the channel is a one man show, yet is one of the biggest and most popular on the web. Billed as “the most comprehensive mountain biking channel on YouTube”, this is your one stop shop for a wide variety of tutorials for all levels of mountain bikers.

8. Emily Batty

For a candid look behind the scenes at the life of a professional biker.
Canadian mountain bike racer Emily Batty pulls back the curtain and brings viewers along on her journey chasing the sun and trails year round. From sharing her approach to nutrition, training, or sharing the honest truth about her chosen career path, Emily can always be counted on to keep things candid and real on her channel.