The 5 best Switch party games

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Have fun with your family and friends with this selection of classics.
By Kate Gray & Marc ShawPublished on
The Nintendo Switch released in March of 2017 and, since then, has built a lineup of amazing party games to download from its eShop. Just like in the commercials: take your Switch to a party, whether that’s on a sunny Toronto patio or under a railway bridge, and impress your friends with an enjoyable selection of games! Disclaimer: please don’t play games under a railway bridge. Just go to someone’s house, ok?

1. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

The ultimate party game (because putting Super Mario Party on this list would be WAY too easy). Mario Kart is easy to get into, and almost everyone will have played at least one Mario Kart game in their life, right? The best part of this is that you can play a four-player game with just one Switch – you just need four joy-cons! Sure, if you play too long, you’ll end up with hand cramp because the controllers are SO TINY, but at least you’ll all have hand cramp, so no one’s at a disadvantage… It’s very easy to casually pull it out if all of your friends happened to leave the house without a bag full of gaming accessories, for some reason.

2. Overcooked

Overcooked 2 is one of the best party games of all time, and it only came out in 2018! It can be a little difficult to learn how to play – it takes place in a kitchen, and between your team you have to prepare various foods, with a number of obstacles making things more difficult. As long as you don’t mind maybe having a shouting match with your siblings, there’s nothing like a kitchen on fire to bring a family closer together. Make sure to download the free Holiday DLC if you want to have thematically-appropriate fun

3. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Nothing says friendship like screaming at each other over who’s fault it is that you all exploded. Old school gamers will be delighted to find out that this game actually comes with a physical, printed, instruction manual. It’s more than just something to read on the way back from the store after your mom caved and got you a new game, though, it's actually the basis for how you’ll play the game. One player holds the switch and tries to navigate disarming a bomb, while the other players (who shouldn’t be able to see how it's set up) frantically search through the manual, giving instructions as best as they can. How well do you and your pals work together?

4. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Listen, it’s OK to not play the Puyo Puyo part. It’s difficult, it’s confusing, and you don’t really want to try to explain it to your grandparents (but you are missing out!). Tetris, though? Everyone knows Tetris! Play Tetris together! It’s never not fun! There’s also the added bonus of several different modes if you get bored of vanilla Tetris, and each of the characters has their own voice lines for getting Tetris lines! You can mute those, as they can get annoying, but sometimes that's part of the fun!

5. Jackbox Party Pack 6

Jackbox is a solid family favourite, mostly because it’s much easier to get into for non-gamers, and it’s played on smartphones, which almost everyone has at this point. Party Pack 6 is our choice because, even though it doesn’t have Drawful (the best Jackbox game, similar to Pictionary, but better) it does have Role Models, Push The Button, and Trivia Murder Party 2, which are all excellent and easy to pick up. The first is a game which shows what your friends really think of you, the second has you scrambling to discover the alien among you, and the last is… well, it’s trivia, but with a spoooooky theme! The Jack Box series always offers a solid collection and will continue to do so with Party Pack 7 on the horizon.
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