13 Brandon Semenuk edits that will blow your mind

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Here’s a round-up of the top 13 times that Brandon Semenuk and his innovative riding style has left audiences wondering how his level of skill is humanly possible.
By Danielle BakerPublished on
From full length features like Rad Company to the docu-series-esque Life Behind Bars and his more recent Revel Co productions, Brandon Semenuk has been entertaining mountain bike audiences for over a decade.
As the current record holder for most wins at Red Bull Joyride and the tied record holder for most wins at Red Bull Rampage, it’s no surprise that Brandon knows what he’s doing on a bike. However, his partnership with filmer Rupert Walker in edits like Aim and Parallel take bike movies into the realm of art. Watch their work in the Raw 100 series where they meld mind-bending riding and truly unique camera work that will draw you right into the action.
Got some time to spare? Sit back and enjoy this collection that highlights this one-man evolution in mountain bike entertainment.

1. Life Cycles

Bike · 45 min
Life Cycles
A visually engaging film, Life Cycles ‘isn’t a bike movie, it’s a movie about bikes’ stated the creators when it was released in 2010. A favourite scene in this revolutionary movie included Brandon Semenuk and Cam McCaul hitting jumps and throwing tricks while tucked deep in a cornfield -- and to this day, it remains one of the most entertaining bike scenes to watch.

2. Raw 100 V1

MTB · 2 min
Raw 100 Rupert Walker
When Rupert Walker and Brandon Semenuk teamed up to film their first Red Bull Raw 100 together, Rupert was immediately in his element. Already known for his ‘all killer, no filler’ style, the rules -- 100 seconds in length, no slow-motion footage, and no music, weren’t a stretch for him. In this simple yet powerful video, Brandon and Rupert remind us why we ride bikes.

3. Raw 100 V2

Bike · 2 min
Brandon Semenuk Raw 100 V2
Watch Brandon Semenuk destroy a BMX track in his second Red Bull Raw 100. In this episode, Brandon and filmmaker Rupert Walker breathe new life into an old Downhill BMX track in California. Prepare to be amazed.

4. Raw 100 V3

Bike · 2 min
Raw 100: Brandon Semenuk 3.0
A new course build challenges Brandon Semenuk on never-been-built features as he throws down never-been-done tricks. The course featured in this Raw 100 V3 was unridden prior to shooting -- but you would never know that.

5. Raw 100 V4

MTB · 2 min
Brandon Semenuk: Raw 100, Version 4
Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker raised the standard when it comes to course building in this Raw 100 V4. The build behind this video took Brandon and his crew nine days and 325 hours of labour. The track was designed to allow the camera work to manipulate the viewers perspective and draw them even further into the action.

6. Raw 100 V5

MTB · 2 min
Brandon Semenuk: Raw 100, V5
Brandon Semenuk and Revel Co, blow minds again with this slice of mountain biking genius from the mountains of Utah in this installment of Raw 100. Semenuk transforms the rugged terrain we’ve come to expect from the Utah desert to create a polished work of art for his fifth contribution to the Raw 100 series.

7. Life Behind Bars: Fijian adventures

Bike · 13 min
Downhill sessions in Fiji
Brandon Semenuk heads to Fiji with Brendan Fairclough to shred a custom-built trail in this episode of Life Behind Bars. Along the way, they take a few high-speed tumbles on some jet skis before drinking kava with the local village chief.

8. Rad Company

47 min
Semenuk's Rad Company
Semenuk captures some of the highest level of freeride mountain biking ever attempted in this cinematic party. He picks his favourite riders to show off their insane skills on some of the best natural and man-made terrain on earth.

9. Midpoint

MTB · 4 min
Midpoint featuring Brandon Semenuk
New Zealand is a beautiful place and Brandon Semenuk is pretty good at making riding a bike a beautiful thing. With Midpoint, the two collide. Watch as Revel Co's signature camera work and the soundtrack pace the flow of this edit as Brandon seamlessly transitions from slope bike hits to hard charging on his big bike.

10. Inertia

MTB · 3 min
Inertia ft. Brandon Semenuk
In Inertia Brandon Semenuk takes his unique style and skill to the mountains, performing slopestyle tricks on a mountain bike. Just know that you will have this on loop as you try to understand exactly how he’s capable of these seemingly superhuman feats.

11. Aim

MTB · 4 min
Aim featuring Brandon Semenuk
With a mixture of world-firsts interspersed around quick cut footage of life away from biking, Aim featuring Brandon Semenuk is an instant classic among Revel Co's productions. Semenuk showcases his mind-bending combos at a pace that leaves room to appreciate the trick that just happened and the one that’s about to come. Sit back and watch as Semenuk one ups himself, because only he can.

12. Parallel

MTB · 2 min
Parallel featuring Brandon Semenuk
Ever wondered what a party lap with Brandon Semenuk might look like? Semenuk and filmmaker Rupert Walker give you an idea by inviting Ryan Howard into the fold. With Parallel, Revel Co. proves, once again, that a small team with the right tools and inspired concepts can create incredibly progressive edits that continue to raise the bar for mountain bike films.

13. Lightspeed

Bike · 3 min
Brandon Semenuk – Japan
While most riders spend their September prepping for Red Bull Rampage, in 2019 Brandon Semenuk gathered a crew and headed to Hakuba Valley and Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort in Japan to film.
Clay Porter joined Brandon and Rupert Walker for this project while the dig team -- Evan Intern, Dan Fleury, and Kane Boyce - worked the shovels and machines to shape Japan’s dirt into Semenuk’s vision.

Bonus Footage: 2019 Red Bull Rampage Winning Run

Bike · 4 min
Brandon Semenuk’s winning run
Only the second person in history to win Red Bull Rampage three times -- next to Kurt Sorge, Brandon Semenuk put together an impressive and solid run to take the top step in 2019. Watch the epic winning performance full of Oppostie 360s and suicide no-handers.