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Ride Cole Nichol’s backyard with Vancouver Island’s finest dirt jumpers

Inspired by the late Jordie Lunn, Cole Nichol spent the past five years transforming his own backyard into a mountain bike refuge.
By Alastair SpriggsPublished on
On the outskirts of Victoria, B.C. lay Cole Nichol’s safe haven. It’s full of dirt jumps, hips, ramps, drops, and some of his fondest memories of the late bike legend Jordie Lunn. Five years ago, they started digging — transforming Nichol’s backyard into an ultimate set-up and a staple of the Vancouver Island dirt jump scene.
Since Lunn’s passing in 2019, Nichol started spending more and more time moving dirt in memory of his greatest inspiration.
Cole pulled a lot of Jordie's crazy ideas and put them to work in his own yard. Coming from my BMX background, that really stoked me out, especially seeing someone do something really different and unique. I thought it was really refreshing.
Watch as Darren Berrecloth and a heavy-hitting crew of friends join Nichol in shredding his favourite place in the world.
Video produced by Rupert Walker