The 11 best young goalkeepers in FIFA 20 for any budget

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By Fraser Gilbert
Looking for a high potential shot-stopper? This list includes the best young goalies for all price ranges.
Is there a more important position in FIFA 20 than the goalkeeper? If you’re aiming to achieve long-term Career Mode success, you’ll need to ensure you have a top goalie between the sticks. Sign someone with high potential, and you’ll never have to buy another GK again.
With that in mind, here is a list of the top young keepers who can do a fantastic job for various sides in Career Mode. Every budget is covered, so whether you’re managing Chelsea or Cheltenham Town, there’s someone here for you.

Best young keepers- £1 million and under

Gavin Bazunu
Gavin Bazunu is tipped for great things
Gavin Bazunu is tipped for great things
You might not have heard of Man City’s Gavin Bazunu, but he’s tipped to achieve big things in the future. The 17-year-old ex-Shamrock Rovers keeper adopts a 59 overall rating in FIFA 20, which can evolve to an incredible 84 in Career Mode with the right training. Man City are reluctant to sell Bazunu in the first season, but while he’s not ready for high-level football yet, his low valuation (£250k) and incredible potential makes him worth trying for.
Maarten Vandevoordt
Another 17-year-old with huge potential in FIFA 20 is KRC Genk goalie Maarten Vandevoordt. The Belgian starts out with a 63 overall rating in this year’s game, with the potential to grow to an 83 overall. In the meantime, you can take advantage of his 68 reflexes and 67 diving abilities, as well as his proficient handling. Vandevoordt is valued at £550k on the transfer market, and you’re looking at anything from £550k to £690k to acquire him for your team.

Best young keepers- £1-5m

Alessandro Plizzari
Alessandro Plizzari is a bargain buy from Italy
Alessandro Plizzari is a bargain buy from Italy
Like Bazunu, Italian keeper Alessandro Plizzari can reach an overall of 84 in future seasons. He starts out as a 66-rated goalie, however, complete with 72 reflexes, 68 diving and 68 handling stats. The 19-year-old Milan shot-stopper is valued at exactly £1m in Career Mode, making him a potential bargain buy, but keep in mind that he’s on loan at Serie B side Livorno until June 30th, 2020.
Diogo Costa
FC Porto keeper Diogo Costa enjoys a slightly higher initial rating than the previous players on this list, starting out with an overall of 70. This can improve to an 83 with plenty of game time and training in Career Mode, allowing the Portuguese wonderkid to flourish in future seasons. Diogo Costa finds himself valued at £2.5m in the first season of this year’s game, but you’ll need to pay anything from £2.9m to £4.1m to tempt the Liga NOS side into selling him.
Arijanet Muric
Arijanet Muric is on loan in real life but not in FIFA 20
Arijanet Muric is on loan in real life but not in FIFA 20
Kosovo international Arijanet Muric actually plays for Championship side Nottingham Forest on loan from Man City, but isn’t recognised as a member of the Premier League club in FIFA 20. This means you have a better chance of getting the 68-rated keeper on board, whose potential sits at the 83 mark. He’s valued at £1.5m in Career Mode, and can be obtained for a relatively low fee, with Forest likely to accept anything from £1.7m-£2.3m.

Best young keepers- £5-10m

Andriy Lunin
Andriy Lunin is a future superstar with 88 potential
Andriy Lunin is a future superstar with 88 potential
Real Madrid keeper Andriy Lunin is spending the 2019-20 season on loan at Real Valladolid, making him impossible to acquire before June 30, 2020. Stick with him, though, as the 20-year-old wonderkid can go from a 76-rated to an 88-rated goalie in Career Mode. He’s valued at exactly £10m, so he’s not cheap, but in return you’ll receive a highly competent goalie (and future superstar) with 79 reflexes, 77 positioning and 76 kicking stats.
Ionut Andrei Radu
This 22-year-old Romania international has the potential to be one of the best goalies in the game, transforming from a 75-rated keeper to an 87-rated superstar in time. Again, he’s another loan player in Career Mode – this time on loan to Genoa from Inter – which means you can’t sign him until the end of the first season. Still, Radu’s ridiculous potential means you should definitely keep track of him, and he’s valued at £8.5m on the transfer market.
Wuilker Faríñez
The best thing about Wuilker Faríñez (aside from his incredible potential rating of 87) is that you can potentially sign him for free on a pre-contract from January 1st 2020. Be sure to add him to your shortlist in the winter, as while the Millionarios and Venezuela keeper will command high wages, his future potential makes him a bargain regardless of his wage demands.

Best young keepers- £10-20m

Alex Meret
Napoli keeper Alex Meret won’t come cheap – he’s valued at £13m, and his asking price lands anywhere from £15.2m-£22m. In return, however, you’ll get a 78-rated keeper with 82 reflexes, 79 diving and 77 positioning, while his potential clocks in at an incredible 89. The Italian goalie, who joined Serie A side Napoli back in June 2018, is contracted with the club until 2023 in-game, and commands a fairly high weekly fee given his £35k-40k wage demands.
Alban Lafont
Alban Lafont has been an excellent Career Mode choice for years
Alban Lafont has been an excellent Career Mode choice for years
20-year-old Alban Lafont has been making FIFA wonderkid lists for a couple of years now, and for good reason. The Fiorentina keeper (currently on loan at FC Nantes) starts out with an overall rating of 79, but can peak at a massive 88. Again, you’ve got the issue of him being unavailable for a year until his loan ends, but given his enormous potential, he’s worth the wait.

Best young superstar keeper

Gianluigi Donnarumma
Gianluigi Donnarumma is the best goalkeeper your can sign
Gianluigi Donnarumma is the best goalkeeper your can sign
Is it any surprise that Milan superstar Donnarumma is the best wonderkid keeper in FIFA 20? Even at just 20 years of age, the Italy international proves utterly dominant between the sticks. His overall rating in the game starts out at 85 – highlighted by 90 diving and reflexes stats – while his high potential can see that figure rise to an astonishing 92. He’s not cheap (valued at £37.5m), but if you can acquire him, you’ll eventually have the best goalie in FIFA 20 on your hands.