FIFA 21 Icons: Every new Icon added to FUT 21

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This year's new Legends are an eclectic mix of international superstars that, between them, have defined modern football for the last few decades. Here's a rundown of the FIFA 21 hall of fame.
By Dom PeppiattPublished on
Ever since FIFA 16 introduced Icon Cards, players have been addicted to the gimmick. Every year, Electronic Arts must sit in a big conference room and start dishing out stats to football's biggest names as developers restlessly try and figure out who should be celebrated and highlighted in each year's version of the game.
Every year, there's an insatiable appetite from fans to learn just who will be headlining the Ultimate Team stats that given year. There's an element of pride to it – if a player from your country or your team headlines the list, then of course you're going to brag about it. That's the whole point of following sports. The 11 new additions this year bring the total number of legends in FUT up to 100, which is a nice round number to work from.
With that in mind, here are all the new legends in this year's game.

Samuel Eto’o (ST, Cameroon)

Eto'o's career is highlighted with aplomb
We haven't seen the Cameroonian striker on an icon card since FIFA 18, but he's back with an impressive set of stats to show off in FIFA 21. Eto’o’s icon cards cover his appearances for Barcelona (108 goals in 144 appearances) and Inter Milan (33 goals in 67 appearances).

Bastian Schweinsteiger (CM, Germany)

Schweinsteiger makes a proud appearance in FIFA 21
Schweinsteiger is one of two players to appear in both FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 – someone at Electronic Arts likes the German central midfielder. FIFA 21 sees the icon moving back to midfield, instead of his FIFA 20 position as CB. Don't expect any of his cards to appear for cheap, though!

Eric Cantona (CF, France)

Cantona's career is represented strongly with some ideal stats
The former Manchester United striker is an icon of the Premier League, and surely ranks high in any player's FUT wish list. Arriving as a FIFA 21 icon, Cantona is a 93 OVR – which places him right up there as one of the very best players in the game. “I am delighted to be inducted as a FUT 21 ICON,” Cantona said of his inclusion. “There are some great players who are in this exclusive club, so it is an honour to join them in EA SPORTS FIFA 21.

Davor Suker (ST, Croatia)

If you get Davor Šuker on your team, you're going to have a player that isn't just a former Croatian professional footballer – you're going to get an icon that is the current president of the Croatian Football Federation, too! Good stats and good speed make him feel like Dalglish back in FIFA 20.

Nemanja Vidic (CB, Serbia)

Don't mess with Vidic
Perhaps most well-known for being a key element in Alex Furgerson's near-unbeatable team at Manchester United, Vidić is known for being one of the best defenders in the Premier League. His prime rating of 90 means that he's an invaluable asset in anyone wanting to reinforce their back line.

Ferenc Puskas (ST, Hungary)

Puskas will make a fine addition to any player's team
You know you've got a player of legendary status on your hands when there's an award named after them, right? The FIFA Puskas Award is given to the player that scored the most incredible goal of the season – and that should tell you all you need to know about this dynamic Hungarian. That prime rating of 94 doesn't come easily.

Fernando Torres (ST, Spain)

Torres looks perennially young, as always
Retiring back in 2019 with an impressive 200 goals in 578 appearances to his name, Torres is as impressive on the international stage as he is in the local leagues. Impressive careers at Atletico Madrid and Liverpool form the basis of the prime 91 for this legendary player.

Xavi (CM, Spain)

Xavi's years at Barcelona result in a strong prime stat
Seen by many as the backbone of a very successful Barcelona lineup for a great many years, Xavi is practically a household name when it comes to modern football. A consistent and impressive career with the Spanish fuels his 93 rating – and makes him an essential get for your team.

Philipp Lahm (RB, Germany)

Consistency and professionalism come together in Lahm
The professional and efficient German player managed to collect over 20 titles in his career – that's no small feat. Lahm managed to be an integral part of his team, whether he appeared as right-back, left-back, central midfielder; a true testament to his versatility. His prime rating of 91, then, has been well-earned.

Petr Cech (GK, Czech Republic)

If you want a good goalie, you can do far worse than Petr Cech
In his prime, Petr Čech was one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Famous as an immovable object over on the Chelsea goal line, this legend makes his way to Fifa 21 in his iconic scrum cap. if you're looking for a world class talent to defend your goals, Cech is a no-brainer.

Ashley Cole (LB, England)

Every British FIFA player is going to want Cole on their team
Returning to Icon status after appearing last in FIFA 19, ex-Chelsea star Cole comes to FIFA 21 with a prime rating of 89 (a massive step up from his previous appearance at 71!) You can thank his untouchable days at Arsenal and Chelsea for that impressive peak number.