Mikyx has had a rough road to success
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G2 Esports’ Mikyx on overcoming injury

Even after an injury-plagued season, G2 Esports’ Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle was a key part of their LEC Summer Finals win. The star support gives us the rundown on his injury and his return to form.
By Phil Brown
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Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle, simply put, has had a phenomenal year. Joining G2 Esports from Misfits Gaming at the start of the inaugural League of Legends European Championship, the support has gone from strength to strength and is a key part of the current Spring, Summer and Mid-Season Invitational-winning G2 squad. As part of the botlane duo with Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković, they’ve managed to create a shorthand of sorts and are able to read each other to help turn the tide of a match; as witnessed in their thrilling final game against Fnatic in the Summer Finals in Athens.
It’s not been all smooth sailing all year, however. Mikyx has been suffering from long-term wrist and arm issues, which for any pro gamer, is not an ideal situation – and it got to a point where he could have missed MSI as a result. Despite his injury woes, Mikyx has had a stellar season – we caught up with him to ask about his injury, and just how much it’s been affecting him over the past year.
“It affected me quite a bit because it limited my practise. I could not play a single solo-queue game for roughly a month during the Spring Split,” he explains. “I started playing a bit right after Playoffs, but it started hurting again, so I had to take another extended break before MSI.”
Despite fears of not being able to compete at MSI, he did eventually compete – and helped G2 thrive on the international stage, beating Team Liquid in a 3-0 sweep that saw him nominated as the player of the game in the first match-up.
“Overall I lost like two months altogether,” he says. “Luckily I was able to fix it just four days ahead of MSI, and was able to play all the games. Right now it’s pretty much fine but I hope it doesn't come back.”
“Those two months, during which I was trying to compensate by watching as much gameplay as possible – which obviously is not the same,” he says. ”I’d really rather play myself and I always want to climb the solo-queue ladder.”
Mikyx has had the help of his coaching staff, who sent him to specialists to look into his injury, and prescribed a healthy dose of physical therapy and rest – but even then, they couldn’t fully diagnose the pain he was experiencing, and couldn’t quite point to just what was the root cause.
“We actually don't really know what it was, which is why I went through quite a lot of different therapies,” Mikyx explains. “In fact, whatever there is to try, I pretty much did it all – cold therapy, heat therapy, electromagnetic therapy, acupuncture, stretches, cupping therapy and massages. But the biggest revelation was a book I read – and then, Riot released Yuumi.”
Still, even with an injury on his mind, he’s been a solid support for G2, and helped the team punch their ticket to this year’s World Championship in Europe – which handily, is on home soil – and he’s looking forward to competing on the world stage. He’s modest, too, as he merely says he wouldn’t mind winning the whole thing. When asked what other gamers should do when nursing a similar wrist injury, Mikyx told us of a few things to keep in mind that have helped get him through the tough times:
“Read a book,” he laughs. “After all the different therapy trials, it turned out that a book, which I got suggested from a fan, helped me the most in dealing with the issue. So all jokes aside for me having an open mind and searching for or accepting help, even though unconventional means worked out.”
But in general you should listen to your body closely and take preventive measures as best as possible. Doing stretches is always helpful and if you are having issues repeatedly and over a longer time span of a week or more you should see a doctor.”