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How to tune your car in Gran Turismo Sport

Get the perfect setup with our top five GT Sport tuning tips
By Jon Nicholson
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Are you one of the thousands of Gran Turismo Sport players battling it out on the game's all-new Sport Mode? You'll need to squeeze every last bit of performance out of your car to beat your rivals – here are five top tuning tips that will give you the advantage over your opposition.

1. Set the right gear ratio

Setting the correct gear ratio for your car is essential if you want to extract the most performance out of the car. If you’re racing on a circuit which consists of many high-speed corners, a higher ratio will provide extra top speed rather than better acceleration. A gear ratio tuned to make the car accelerate faster will give a noticeable advantage in slow speed corners at the cost of a slower top speed. Be careful when tuning the gears as if they’re tuned incorrectly, you won’t get the best from your vehicle.

2. Sort out your suspension

Suspension in GT Sport is an important element to master when it comes to tuning your car. Whether you want the car to stick to the apex or you want it to drift within inches of the barrier, you will definitely want to adjust the settings. Like any racing games, adjusting the anti-roll bars will influence how much the car oversteers or understeers. Finding the right balance can be the difference between having total control of the car or totally losing it and having a huge accident.

3. Adjust the aerodynamics and ride height

Changing the downforce levels of the car can pay dividends on a track where top speed isn’t really important. Increasing the downforce level will push the car down towards the track, giving it more grip but too much downforce will slow your vehicle down meaning you’ll be easily overtaken on the straights.
A low ride height will also assist with the level of downforce on the car but if it’s set too low, the risk of damage from the kerb or other objects increases. The front and rear ride heights can be adjusted independently, enabling you to alter the weight distribution between the front and the rear wheels.

4. Tweak the traction control

In GT Sport you can adjust the traction control for each car in the game. Finding the right setting will make all the difference when cornering. If you’re familiar with how the car handles under hard acceleration, a low traction control level would work but the car will have tendencies to lose control. Having a high level of traction control prevents the wheels from spinning but it does drastically slow your exit speeds from corners so it’s important to find a level which suits your driving style.
Choose the right tyres to finish first
Choose the right tyres to finish first

5. Choose the right tyre compound

To get the most out of the car, choosing the right tyre compounds can make a big difference to your speed and lap times. Just like in F1, the compounds range from super soft to hard. Super softs provide the most grip but have a very small life span and will wear quickly, whereas the hard tyre has the least amount of grip but has a long lifespan. Your choice of tyre compound can have a huge effect on your race strategy and performance.
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