Stevie Smith - lokales na trasie Mont-Sainte Anne
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Iles & Goldstone aim to continue Stevie Smith's legacy in MSA

The late Stevie Smith linked together the perfect run at the UCI Downhill World Cup at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2013. Now, Canadian newcomers Finn Iles and Jackson Goldstone hope to continue his legacy.
By Ben Osborne
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Out of the start gate as if he were shot out of a cannon, it didn’t take long for Stevie Smith to impress the announcers at the 2013 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Race in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec. Even to the untrained eye, Smith’s riding was flawless—accelerating through loose, ripped up corners, gapping sections with just enough air to maintain his speed, and sucking up every little bump along the way, making the notoriously rough course look like a walk in the park... It was almost ten years ago (which seems like a lifetime in mountain biking innovation), but Smith’s riding certainly still stands the test of time.
Relive Stevie Smith's DH winning run at Mont-Sainte-Anne 2013 in the player below.

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Steve Smith's winning DH run – Mont-Sainte-Anne 2013

Watch Steve Smith's winning run from the 2013 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.


With the announcers hollering louder and louder and Smith separated himself from the pack, blasting through sections with ease and eventually taking the top spot in race by almost a full second, suddenly Smith was at the bottom, hoisting his bike overhead, with more than likely a heavy flow of adrenaline pumping through his veins. Not only had he incinerated the competition, he had done it on home loam, securing vital points to eventually be crowned the overall winner of the 2013 UCI World Cup circuit, a feat that no Canadian has repeated since then. But with a new wave of Canadian riders inspired by Smith’s riding there’s hope that Smith’s accomplishment is about to see a repeat.
Mountain Bike Racer Steve Smith on Mont Sainte Anne World Cup 2013 Podium Quebec Canada
Steve Smith on Mont Sainte Anne World Cup podium
With the 2022 edition of the Mount Saint Anne stop just around the corner on August 5th, Canadian riders Jackson Goldstone and Finn Iles are well positioned to take home the top spot in the Juniors and Men’s Downhill categories, there’s a general feeling that we might see another hometown hero—but first the young riders will have to take on the notoriously tough course at Mont-Sainte-Anne.
It’s probably one of the hardest courses on the circuit because of how long and physical it is.
“On the lower down section, there's a lot of rock and fast paced riding. By the time you get down, your body is super tired," added Iles. "Especially with the rain, it's so technical.”
Finn Iles rides at the Mercedes-Benz UCI MTB World Championships in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada in September 1, 2019.
Finn Iles, Mont-Sainte-Anne
With slick corners in the open areas giving away to steep, technical, rocky sections through the forest, riders need to always be on their toes. To add insult to injury, mother nature has been known to throw a wrench in riders' plans with rain making the course even trickier.
For Goldstone and Iles, the race represents an opportunity to not only take the top spot in their respective categories, but also be the first Canadians to do so in almost a decade. With top three finishes in Lourdes, Lenzerheide, and Vallnord, it’s well within the realm of possibility for the Whistler, BC, native Finn Iles. For Goldstone, it’s a matter of holding on to the top spot, as the young crusher has won three of the races in the Junior category this year. With the race being the second to last stop on the world cup circuit, now is the time for the pair to cement their place in Canadian downhill racing history.