Learn all about the Red Bull Sugga

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By Geoff Padmore & Charlie Grinnell
From action sports competitions half way up the mountain to downtown clubs, the Sugga will be there.
Perhaps you’ve seen it burning up the highways across Canada, leaving you momentarily mumbling “WTF was that…” as the enormous matte black chassis rumbles by en route to the next big event. Like bad lawyers to ambulances, those looking for a fun time need only follow the Red Bull Sugga.
With a fleet of 4 vehicles across Canada, the Red Bull Sugga is the number one event vehicle; a mobile party machine bringing the world of Red Bull to just about every corner of the country. From action sports competitions half way up the mountain to downtown clubs, the Sugga will be there.

Watch how Sugga's are built in the video below:

This beast is a bit of a Frankenstein, fusing together elements of past and present vehicles, then stuffing it full of the latest in audiovisual technology. The Sugga gets its name and body from the 1957 Volvo Sugga TP21, originally used as an off-road communications vehicle by the Swedish Armed Forces during the Second World War. Despite its rugged good looks on the exterior, it’s what’s inside that counts. The original Volvo Sugga body is stretched, widened and merged with a Ford F350 chassis to give it the rock solid foundation needed to handle the thousands of kilometres that the vehicle covers each year.
Charles Deschamps jibbing Sugga in Montreal
Charles Deschamps jibbing Sugga in Montreal
While the truck might turn heads on the road, it will downright stop traffic when it’s parked. At the flip of a switch, a hydraulic lift system extends the roof to a height of 10 feet revealing three 42” flat screen televisions. Those screens are also wired into a 7500 watt sound system that pumps out music from two Stanton STR8 turntables in the trunk during impromptu DJ sets on the road. With 14 speakers to back it up, the Sugga will start the party anywhere.
Red Bull Sugga in Halifax
Red Bull Sugga in Halifax
Putting it all together is no small feat, so we strongly suggest you do not try this at home with your family’s minivan. Better yet, leave it to the professionals at 360 Fabrications in Vancouver, BC to take care of it for you. The brains and brawn behind the custom creations, they handle everything from stripping down the original ‘Sugga’ vehicles to the custom matte black paint job and decals. When it’s all said and done, about 3.5 months and 2000 hours go into the construction of each vehicle before rolling out of the garage.

Sugga Quick Facts

Body: 1957 Volvo Sugga TP21
Chassis: Ford F350
Length: 18ft
Width: 8ft
Height (Roof Closed): 6ft 9 inches
Height (Roof Opened): 10ft
Weight: 9900lbs
Turntables: 2 x Stanton STR8.150
CDJS: 2 x Pioneer CDJ-200
Mixer: Rane TTM-57SL
8 x HP Speakers
6 x 12” Subwoofers
7500 Watts of sound
Wireless Microphone
3 x 42” Flatscreen TV's
RCA Video Input
Build-in Generator
Onboard Batteries
20 Amps input (with external source)
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