Max Moffatt skiing at the Red Bull Performance Camp at Prime Park, Stubai Glacier, Austria on October 25, 2022.
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Max Moffatt looks to take X Games 2023 by storm

X Games 2023 takes place in Aspen, Colorado, and Max Moffatt looks to follow up on his breakout performance from last year. Check out what Max had to say!
By Braedyn Kozman
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X Games 2023 is here and Max Moffatt is ready for the big stage.
One of the most anticipated snow sports events of the year will take place from January 27-29 in Aspen, Colorado and Max is amongst hundreds of athletes across all disciplines to compete against the world’s best.
In 2022, Max Moffatt had a breakout performance at his second-ever X Games. He walked away with a silver medal in ski slopestyle after putting down three solid runs in the jam format contest, with an incredible final run that earned him a medal.
We caught up with Max to see how he’s feeling heading into the X Games and what's changed since his last performance. Here’s what he had to say.

Which X Games performance is this for you?

Max Moffatt: This will be year three at X Games for me. I’ll be competing in ski slopestyle.

Last year was a big success landing you a silver medal in Aspen. What do you think made for such a successful competition?

Max Moffatt: Last year was a dream come true. It was an insane week of skiing. Everything clicked, I felt really good mentally and physically. I was just having fun on my skis, not really worrying about too much, just happy to be there and not being stressed. It was a good mental space to be in. I put down the dream run that I had been thinking of for years. I didn't think I could actually land it. Everything all coming together. It's a day I’ll never forget.

I put down the dream run that I had been thinking of for years. I didn't think I could actually land it. Everything all coming together. It's a day I’ll never forget.

Is there anything you changed coming into X Games this year with your equipment or preparation?

Max Moffatt: For preparation, I tried to keep it the same as last year. I've had the opportunity to go on a couple of training camps. I spent September in New Zealand skiing and then two months in Europe. I was able to get comfy, learn new tricks, and try to progress my jumps, working on both technicality and style. It was a good start to the season after the summer break. I've [also] had the opportunity to work with a couple of new sponsors for this season and beyond.

What did you have going on before X Games?

Max Moffatt: I competed at the Dubai World Cup and Copper Mountain Big Air earlier this season, and I'm now off to the 2023 LAAX Open. I will fly straight from that comp to X Games which will be a little bit hectic. But I am excited!

Max Moffatt at the Red Bull Performance Camp at Prime Park, Stubai Glacier

Max Moffatt at the Red Bull Performance Camp at Prime Park, Stubai Glacier

© Red Bull Content Pool

How do you hope to follow up on your breakout performance from last year?

Max Moffatt: X Games is the biggest event of the year, you have the most eyeballs on you, and you want to perform. Last year was a little extra nerve-wracking with the Olympics the week after. Especially with covid restrictions and protocols, I had to take as many precautions as possible to avoid getting sick and jeopardizing my Olympic dreams. I had to get my own rental car, stay by myself, and isolate, even buying groceries online to leave no chance. This year I am excited and want to take the opportunity that I’ve been given to go for it. I want to showcase unique and creative skiing plus push my technical limits. I want my skiing to look fun for the generations coming up, not just spinning to win. Hopefully, I’ll be able to back up my performance from last year.

Are there any competitors that inspire you in the field? Past and present?

Max Moffatt: Some inspirations I had growing up were Bobby Brown, Jon Olsson, and JP Auclair in the slopestyle realm, their skiing inspired mine when I was younger. My past coach Dave Crichton was a huge inspiration and help as well. In the current field, there's a ton of talent who inspires me to push to be better technically and creatively. Colby Stevenson, Alex Hall, and Henrik Harlaut are all guys that started as competitors and guys I looked up to and now are my friends. My good buddy Evan McEachran is a constant person of inspiration as well, he’s been doing it for so long, and I can always go back to him with ideas. He has helped guide the way for me.

Do you find inspiration from other sports?

Max Moffatt: I find inspiration from almost every other board sport, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. I spend a ton of time skating in the summer. I get stoked watching people ride creative lines and transitions well. A lot of inspiration comes from snowboarding. I try to dabble on the snowboard when I can. Mark McMorris is a huge inspiration and role model. I grew up watching the Warren Miller films, and Craig Kelly and Tommy Gesme had a style I wanted to emulate and bring into my skiing. Overall I want to draw from as many aspects as possible to make my skiing as well-rounded as possible.

Jumps or rails?

Max Moffatt: Growing up in Ontario, the parks were pretty rail heavy. I’ve spent a lot of time working on my jumps the past couple of years, but I think my Ontario heritage rings true, and rails take the cake. I think my time spent on rails gives me an edge in the slopestyle comps.

What's your favourite trick?

Max Moffatt: My favourite trick has to be a carving flat 360 with a big poke. They feel super cool and look stylish. I hope this kind of trick inspires people to want to go out and ski!

Follow all the action at X Games 2023

With X Games taking place from January 27-29, Max is ready for his next crack at another X Games medal. To follow along, you can keep track of Max on his Instagram. Hopefully, Max can follow up his performance last year with a creative and exciting run.