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Here’s how Mitch Marner assembled the ultimate Red Bull Canada hockey team

From Olympic snowboarders, to world-class cross country bike racers, Mitch Marner breaks down how he would draft a Red Bull Canada hockey team.
By Alastair SpriggsPublished on
Building the perfect hockey team is no easy feat. It starts with a highly-skilled core, and is reinforced with proven leadership, solid coaching staff, secondary depth, and consistent goalkeeping.
If Mitch Marner were to hypothetically own his own hockey team, he’d want it to resemble the 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers — a team commonly referred to as the greatest of all time. He wouldn’t scout the NHL or KHL to summon such a team. Instead, he’d stack his team with Red Bull Canada athletes.
Here’s how he would draft the ultimate Red Bull Canada hockey team.

Craig McMorris to run the show from behind the bench

Craig McMorris drafted to Mitch Marner's pick-up hockey team
Team Marner - Coach Craig McMorris
If you’ve tuned into the newly-released McMorris & McMorris redux series, you’d know that Craig McMorris isn’t the fastest skater in the game. But what he lacks in athleticism, he makes up for in enthusiasm. Craig’s wealth of experience as a sports commentator for media outlets such as the CBC and ESPN shows that he holds the knowledge, communication skills, and leadership qualities found in any exceptional head coach.

Darren Berrecloth, aka “The Claw” to grind as a wingman

Darren Berrecloth gets selected as winger to Mitch Marner's pick-up hockey team
Team Marner - Winger Darren Berrecloth
Any world-class wingman is willing to play dirty, grind in the corners, and wreak havoc in front of the other teams net. Darren Berrecloth, one of the best freeride mountain bikers in the world, fits this description perfectly. As a biker known for taking lines that other riders don’t even consider, Berrecloth’s career rests on determination, hard work, creativity, and sheer guts. He’s willing to think outside the box to win, and Marner recognizes it.

Mark McMorris to lead on-ice drives as a centerman

Mark McMorris gets selected to Mitch Marner's pick-up hockey team
Team Marner - Center Mark McMorris
If anyone can lead Marner’s hockey team to victory, it’s Mark McMorris. Over the span of his snowboard career, he’s won two Olympic medals, and 20 X Games medals — the most in winter X Games history. His impressive resume demonstrates his ability to stay cool under pressure and lay it all on the line. Pair these attributes with his impressive stick handling skills, and you’ve got yourself a top-tier centerman.

Mathea Olin to protect the net

Mathea Olin gets selected for for Mitch Marner's pick-up hockey team
Team Marner - Goalie Mathea Olin
When you break it down, surfing and goalkeeping aren’t all that different. Both sports require strong all-round coordination, agility, concentration, and positioning. For instance, goal keepers position themselves to make saves, while surfers position themselves to claim the most desirable waves in a crowded lineup. The transferability makes sense on paper, and Marner sees great potential in Olin as a starting goalie.

Emily Batty to hold down the blue line

Emily Batty gets selected for Mitch Marner's pick-up hockey team
Team Marner - Defense Emily Batty
As a world-class cross-country racer, Emily Batty has the elite conditioning required to dominate an opposing team’s winger over the stretch of three periods. A depth defensemen should be focused and determined — two areas where Batty goes unmatched. For instance, she returned to take bronze in the 2018 Mountain Bike World Championship after suffering a severe knee injury the year prior, and most recently completed a self-supported bike trip across Iceland.

Finn Iles to act as Batty’s right hand man

Finn Iles gets selected to Mitch Marner's pick-up hockey team
Team Marner - Defense Finn Iles
Finn Iles has been logging hours on Whistler’s Green Lake ODR this winter, and his handwork hasn’t gone unnoticed. Though Marner can’t decide if he’s overconfident, or just youthful, he believes that Iles’s newly-found Enduro stamina and high energy levels will pair well with Batty’s veteran approach to the game.