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Brandon Semenuk and Kade Edwards ride the ultimate party lap in Parallel ll

Watch a four-time Red Bull Rampage champion and a UCI World Cup racer align timing and riding like never before in this long-awaited sequel.
By Ben Osborne
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Yup, you heard it here first—the wait is over. Brandon Semenuk’s landmark video part “Parallel” now has a second coming. After recruiting Ryan Howard for the first iteration, Semenuk switched gears and dialled up his Trek teammate and all-world rider Kade Edwards as his partner in crime this time around, a duo we can’t wait to see in action.
If you’re not familiar with the original project, check it out below. The quick and dirty? A few years ago, Semenuk and Rupert Walker brought to life a never-before-seen experience with a dual slalom track that wove through a grove of Royal Oak trees and grass fields. But the track wasn’t any normal track—it featured massive jumps, drops, and interwoven sections that lent themselves perfectly to the duo’s riding style, and even more so to a short film that highlighted the synergy between the two on course.

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Parallel featuring Brandon Semenuk


This year, the crew took things to another level with a moody, jaw-dropping course that weaves through a burnt forest deep in British Columbia, taking advantage of perfect dirt and long sight lines. In the end, the masterpiece is the perfect canvas for Semenuk and Edwards to do what they do best on the one-of-a-kind course: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and of course, whip. This time around, Semenuk and Edwards seem to have achieved another level of dualism.
To take things to another level, this time around the crew filming the action will also be employing the use of an FPV drone, a technology that’s quickly becoming commonplace, and one that is sure to make the visual experience even more eye popping and mind-blowing than it already was.
There are some projects that come around that are simply good enough that they should compel you to drop everything, and this one certainly fits the bill. Pop in your headphones, take a fake bathroom break, do whatever you need to do—Parallel II has arrived.