Red Bull Campus Clutch Is Heating Up

Red Bull Campus Clutch heats up with 24-hour finals stream

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A massive day-long stream will see the winning teams for global student VALORANT tournament Red Bull Campus Clutch decided prior to LAN finals next month.
By Ben SillisPublished on
The biggest student VALORANT tournament in history is really starting to heat up. Red Bull Campus Clutch has already seen 25,000 students participate across over 400 events worldwide to become National Finalists for their country, with some talented teams winning state of the art gaming hubs for their university.
But now the next stage of the competition kicks off, and for the first time in VALORANT history, we will get to see true international play between the best student teams around the world.
After thousands of matches to determine the best student VALORANT team from each participating country, those that came out successful will play in the World Final Knockout Round this Friday and Saturday (June 5-6, 2021), where teams from the same region will compete for one of 12 places at the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final.
To make things even more exciting the regional finals will all be shown in a massive 24-hour live stream live on Twitch and YouTube, where you can see the top student VALORANT players battle it out in the biggest matches of their lives. The stakes have never been higher for these players, which means the action is going to be epic.
We might even see the next pro players in the making, Red Bull Campus Clutch caster Tom ‘Tombizz’ Bissmire tells us.
“I think the student teams should be a little more loose than what we see with the professional teams but I am hoping to see a few interesting agent combos and some more risky ideas that wouldn't necessarily be used in the professional game. A lot of the time it is these young and up and coming players that end up having ridiculous in-game mechanics so fingers crossed we find a diamond in the rough.” he says.

Who is playing?

After beating out all other student VALORANT teams from their country, the top team from the 50 competing nations will battle it out in a regional tournament, facing off against National Finalists from nearby countries. This will be the final online stage of competition in Red Bull Campus Clutch, with the final being played on LAN for a true worldwide competition.
The teams have been split into 10 regions; Oceania, East Asia, South Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe North, Europe West, Europe East and Europe Central. The winner of each regional competition, along with the Spanish and USA national champions, will advance to the World Final, which will be held in Madrid, Spain.

The format

For the World Final Knockout Round teams will be playing in an elimination bracket over multiple days. Quarter-final matches will be played on June 3, with the semi-final matches taking place on June 4. The two finalists will then meet in the all-important clash to decide who makes it to the World Final on June 5-6.
This will be the first time that student VALORANT teams from around the world have competed in a truly international environment, playing against teams from their region in a major event. To make international online competition as fair as possible, teams have been grouped according to the geographical region, available VALORANT servers and amount of qualifiers per country. This means that the playing field for everyone involved will be as level as possible, with factors such as ping being minimised.
A player competes in Red Bull Campus Clutch
You can watch the finals this weekend

How to watch

Of course, you will be able to watch the most important matches in every region, but this isn’t any live stream. This is a massive 24-hour stream taking place on June 5, showcasing all of the regional finals.
Starting at 9am CEST on June 5 with the Oceania finals, the broadcast will then show the final of each region, ending with the North American finals, due to start around 3am CEST on June 6. In between those two, eight other finals will be played, bringing the total to 10 high stakes matches throughout the day. It would be pretty much impossible to have a day with more high-quality VALORANT action.
The massive 24-hour stream will be available on the Red Bull Twitch and YouTube channels, which will also be where the World Final will be streamed live from Madrid on July 17-18. You can see the full schedule below.
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand – (Finals broadcast 9am CEST, June 5)
  • East Asia: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines – (Finals broadcast 11am CEST, June 5)
  • South Asia: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka – (Finals broadcast 1pm CEST, June 5)
  • North America: Canada, USA – (Finals broadcast 3am CEST, June 6)
  • Latin America: Peru, Brazil, Chile – (Finals broadcast 1am CEST, June 6)
  • Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Kuwait, UAE – (Finals broadcast 3pm CEST, June 5)
  • Europe North: Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine – (Finals broadcast 7pm CEST, June 5)
  • Europe West: France, Ireland, Portugal, UK – (Finals broadcast 11pm CEST, June 5)
  • Europe East: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey – (Finals broadcast 5pm CEST, June 5)
  • Europe Central: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands (Finals broadcast 9pm CEST, June 5)