Welcome to the Red Bull Gaming Hub
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Check out the Red Bull Gaming Hub at Toronto Metropolitan University

Ground zero for students who want to take their passion for gaming to the next level, the Red Bull Gaming Hub at Toronto Metropolitan University will empower the next generation of creatives in gaming
By Marc Shaw
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The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University continues to increase it's offerings for those with game industry aspirations. First, they offered courses and clubs for people looking to further their studies, but now they're partnering with Red Bull to create a space for both learning and play.
Location: Located at 80 Gould St in Toronto, the Red Bull Gaming Hub is an on campus facility packed with all the latest technology.
Red Bull Gaming Hub Wall

Red Bull Gaming Hub Wall

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Built for constructive play

The Red Bull Gaming Hub has the high performance capabilities needed for an elite-level gaming experience. The space will allow for more engaging research and and better instructional content, delivered in an environment gamers will find familiar.
Red Bull Gaming Hub Towers

Red Bull Gaming Hub Towers

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Red Bull Gaming Hub Monitors

Red Bull Gaming Hub Monitors

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Gaming is curriculum

Gaming has evolved and continues to change. Playing every new title to completion isn't the only way to be involved with the lifestyle. From entertainment streaming (and watching streams), to esports broadcast, and content creation (reviews, discourse, analysis, tips and more), gaming is culture and worthy of continued academic study.
Red Bull Gaming Hub TVs

Red Bull Gaming Hub TVs

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Home for events

It isn't all about lectures and constructive play, though. From tournaments and livestreams all the way to game club meetups, the Red Bull Gaming Hub is where the worlds of social, educational and competitive gaming all collide.
Red Bull Gaming Hub Fridges

Red Bull Gaming Hub Fridges

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Students will connect with their peers, hear from industry experts, train, compete, and have the opportunity to jumpstart their forays into gaming, whether it's in broad entertainment or in the fast-paced world of esports. It's a rapidly expanding category of interest for both employment and education, and learning how to get involved can start here.