You're hanging out in the Red Bull Gaming Studio lounge area
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A glimpse inside Toronto’s new Red Bull Gaming Studio

Playing host to the ultimate gaming event space, a state-of-the-art content studio and a venue to unlock creativity amongst the Canadian gaming community, take a look inside the Red Bull Gaming Studio
By Alastair Spriggs
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Toronto’s new Red Bull Gaming Studio is set to provide Canadian fans, athletes, and streamers, the opportunity to experience gaming like never before. The space was designed to host a new generation of immersive and exciting esport experiences that revolve around fan opportunities, local community-building, and premium content creation.
Now time for your virtual tour:
Location: Located inside OverActive Media’s revamped, 15,000-square-foot headquarters in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village, the Red Bull Gaming Studio.
Red Bull Gaming Studio located in Toronto, Canada
Welcome to the Red Bull Gaming Studio

The ultimate gaming event space

The Red Bull Gaming Studio is equipped to host a range of gaming events — from live tournaments, to artist performances, speaker sessions, movie premieres, and more.
Red Bull Gaming Studio in Liberty Village, Toronto
Which seat are you taking?

Content Studio

Featuring a state-of-the-art content studio that was built to maximize creativity and workflow for Canada’ top esport athletes.
Red Bull Gaming Studio in Toronto, Canada
A transformable space designed for content creation
Red Bull Gaming Studio, Toronto, Canada
Custom painted walls to suit your content needs

Home to experiences for competitors and fans

Beyond professional gameplay, the studio will act as an inclusive space to grow and foster the local esports scene. The communal lounge situated next to the event hall is the perfect place to hang out, meet fellow players, and recharge with a Red Bull.
Red Bull Gaming Studio located in Toronto, Canada
The space will play host to many exciting events
Red Bull Gaming Studio located in Liberty Village, Toronto, Canada
You're hanging out in the Red Bull Gaming Studio lounge area