Finn Iles puts the exclamation point on his run.

Feel the focus of Finn Iles with Purest Line

© Scott Serfas / Red Bull Content Pool

Finn Iles takes his tunnel vision to the historic streets of Québec City.

There are many ingredients to Finn Iles's recipe for success, but focus is undoubtably essential. Whether Iles's is thundering towards yet another World Cup win on the UCI circuit or filming in the streets of Quebec at 5 a.m. –  the call time to shoot on Red Bull Purest Line's closed course – his focus allows him to mute everything but his bike and the track when he's in the saddle.

When I’m on my bike, I don’t really think about anything else but riding.Finn Iles

Red Bull Purest Line marks just another highlight of Iles's 2017 summer. From graduating high school to securing World Cup overall title with two races left in the season, the future is surely going to be an exciting tale for Iles. 

Want to ride like Iles? Do check out the below how-to articles, but absolutely do not try to recreate his line through Québec City on your own. 

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