Raw 100: Rupert Walker

Raw 100: Rupert Walker

This 100 second-long video of Brandon Semenuk will make you want to shred.

Vancouver's Rupert Walker in his native habitat.
Vancouver's Rupert Walker in his native habitat.© Berkley Vopnfjord

Raw 100 is a video series designed to highlight the talent and creativity of filmmakers. It's said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this series celebrates that idea.

The rules for each video are simple: 100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music. By having to work within these limitations, filmmakers have to get creative and think outside the box.

In this Raw 100 video, Rupert Walker comes through with a deceptively simple yet powerful video of Brandon Semenuk. This will make you want to hit the trails.

Raw 100: Rupert Walker

Vancouver native Rupert Walker has been prodigiously releasing his vision of mountain bike videos for a little over three years now. The self-taught 27-year-old started out much like most filmmakers; a creative vision with a desire to document how they see the world. Having said that, Walker has created his own path in the mountain bike film industry, and it certainly didn’t happen over night. Walker is a one-man show when it comes to filming and editing.

Raw 100 Rupert Walker Headshot
Raw 100 Rupert Walker Headshot© Berkley Vopnfjord

With extensive background in dirt jumping and skiing, Walker shoots with a rider’s perspective and enthusiasm. His style differs from the cookie cutter format that is seen in most mountain bike videos. Instead of excessive slow motion, filler shots, and techno, Walker’s editing features fast paced shots with quick cuts, hints of slow mo, and hip hop music. All killer, no filler; his work is raw and to the point. For 2015, he's partnered with slopestyle’s best, Brandon Semenuk, to shoot and produce their own film titled, ‘Revel in the Chaos’ set to be available on iTunes in summer 2015.

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By Charlie Grinnell & Scott Grant