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Seb Toots’ new video part may be his heaviest one yet

Once again, Sebastian Toutant proves to the world that his love for snowboarding lies far beyond the podium.
By Alastair SpriggsPublished on
This year has been full of irregularities and surprises. But, as per usual, Sebastian Toutant’s ability to push the limits of street snowboarding and deliver mind-blowing video parts has remained consistent and on par. His ender in ‘Short Notice,’ may just be his heaviest segment to date.
Alongside Gab Jacques, Brandon Davis, Melissa Riitano, Jed Sky, Gabriel Gosselin, Alexis Roland and Frank Jobin, the team scoured ‘la belle province’ in search of new, creative features, while revisiting well-known classics along the way.
“Each part is so heavy; I’m so stoked to be apart of a fully-urban film,” said Toutant. “I wanted to hit as many rails as possible — in the time that I had — and portray a technical side to my riding that I think people haven’t seen for quite a while.”
From back-lipping through Ottawa’s infamous quad kink, to chucking a cab 360 into the red ledge, to sticking a proper front-board through a behemoth of a down-flat-down, it’s safe to say that Toutant did just that.
There’s certainly more technical rail tricks than flips — but of course there are some flips, it is Seb Toots.
“My ender was a weird one,” he said. “I do a cork 720 wallie, land on a down ledge in a board slide, and bring it back. I battled all afternoon for that shot, and when the sun was almost set, and I finally stomped it. What a relief.”
Whilst Toutant’s trick variety and spot selection is an impressive feat on it’s own, the fact he was only able to film during this time off from international competition raises the bar even higher. From the X Games, to the Olympics, and every Dew Tour stop in between, his worldly schedule can be demanding. But year-after-year, Toutant manages to find the time to film innovative video parts in streets — proving that his love for snowboarding lies far beyond the podium.
Watch Seb's Full Part and more:
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Short Notice - Seb Toots Full Part + BTS footage
According to Toutant, any moment away from the competition scene is an opportunity to get creative in the streets, think outside of the box, and land something that has never been done.
“When I have a week off, I always go home and film,” explained Toutant. “To me, landing a trick in the streets gives me the same feeling as winning a contest.”
Think you can outscore Seb in his own Trickshot game? Seb Toots wants to see what you've got! Play Seb's Trickshot Challenge now: