When slough is propelling you down a narrow rock couloir, you'd better be as experienced as Xavier De Le Rue in order to stay on your feet.
© Xavier de le Rue

Learn how to straight line with Xavier De Le Rue

In our new Shred Hacks series, top pros give insider advice on how to improve your riding. In this episode freeride legend De Le Rue lifts the secret on hauling ass.
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Shred Hacks: How to straightline

Shred Hacks has top level pros give actionable insights and How-To tips for winter sports related subjects, for either riding advice or tech use advice.

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When watching Xavier De Le Rue's sickening steep parts in Nation, insane lines in Mission Antarctic, Mission Steeps, Degrees North or in his DIY series riding the Mallory Couloir, one might wonder how these descents are humanly possible. The guy must be cold as ice, have zero fear (or does he?) and legs of steel. But he also has years of experience under his belt and thus some surprising tricks up his sleeve. For our 20-part Shred Hacks series we convinced De Le Rue to share some of his experience and unveil previously unheard of tips for freeriding.
Snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue
Xavier De Le Rue
Straight lining is one of my favourite things in snowboarding and the best way to finish a good line.
Xavier De Le Rue
But what are the absolute no-nos when straight lining? What are the lethal mistakes to avoid, and how can you stabilise yourself while hauling ass? Watch Shred Hacks Ep 1 – How to straight line in the player above to find out.

Check some of De Le Rues's steep lines – not all straight lining – but nevertheless mind-blowing:

If you liked Ep 1 of Shred Hacks, watch this space every Wednesday for new episodes.
After 20 episodes of freeriding with De Le Rue this new Shred Hacks series will also take you to urban jibbing with award-winning Pirate Movie Productions, so stay tuned!