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Watch the wildest airs in Red Bull Rampage history

Revisit the burliest, most massive hucks from the last decade of freeride’s premier contest – Red Bull Rampage.
By Mike Berard
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Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage has evolved over 18 years to …

Red Bull Rampage

In the 20th anniversary of the MTB event, riders …

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At Red Bull Rampage, size is everything. In anticipation of this year's event – which you can watch live on Red Bull TV on Friday, October 15 – check out the largest gaps ever jumped in the history of mountain biking in the videos below.
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Risk, Reward & Rampage: Degree of Difficulty
Sitting at home, it's quite hard to fully comprehend the sheer size and scale of the Red Bull Rampage terrain. In the video above Cam McCaul shows you the course from the rider's point of view and measures out some of the famous features to highlight how big this event really is!

Kyle Strait – Mansize Gap, 2004

Kyle Strait Mansize Gap Red Bull Rampage 2004
Kyle Strait Mansize Gap Red Bull Rampage 2004
Kyle Strait has been at every Rampage ever, first as a grom, then as a two-time winner. In 2004, Josh Bender attempted a giant 60-foot (18-metre) gap and hit the eject button only to land heavy on his feet and blow up. The then 17-year-old Strait saw an opportunity. He hit the same gap, threw his now-trademark suicide no-hander and blew the field away with the win. It was the first time a rider combined huge air with a trick at Rampage. It also served as notice that Strait had arrived and should be respected.

Kurt Sorge – huge double backflips, 2017

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Kurt Sorge's winning run
Canadian Sorge became the first three-time Red Bull Rampage winner by stomping an amazing final run in 2017, the highlights of which were two huge backflips off the iconic cliffs of Virgin, Utah. Sorge's winning run was full of flow and fluidity, featuring a series of technical flips that wowed everyone on the mountain. The judges agreed, awarding him a 92.66 score.

Canyon Gap No. 1 – 2013/14

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Kelly McGarry's huge Canyon Backflip
At the second Rampage venue, the star attraction was the infamous Canyon Gap, a 60-plus-foot (18-plus-metres) behemoth that gave nightmares to competitors. Cam McCaul tamed the gap during his runs in 2012, but the following year the build crew went even bigger, stretching it a further 10 or so feet (three metres). Everyone’s favourite Kiwi Kelly McGarry surprised the world by chucking a textbook backflip over the 72-foot (22-metre) gap without letting anyone know. It landed the legendary rider in second place and on television screens worldwide.

Oakley Icon Sender – 2013

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Red Bull Rampage top moment: Cam Zink's Sender Backflip
The most notorious manmade feature in the history of Red Bull Rampage has got to be the Oakley Icon Sender. In its final iteration, the Icon Sender received a top, third platform that offered one of the biggest airs the event has ever seen. In 2013, Cam Zink took best trick with an incredibly precise backflip off the behemoth while Kyle Strait suicide no-handered off the Sender to take the win.

Tyler McCaul – 2013

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Tyler McCaul's Massive Drop at Rampage 2013
In 2012, Tyler McCaul located a spot for a gigantic step-down that he wanted to build his run around but didn’t have the resources or the time to create the line in time. The next year he returned with a dig crew dedicated to building the biggest jump of his life. After many, many dry runs, he finally attempted the gap and nailed the jump, which would lead to a very respectable fifth place in finals.

The 76-foot (23-metre) step-down – 2014/15

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Agassiz and Lacondeguy Launch 76-Foot Cliff Drop
In 2014, Graham Agassiz and Andreu Lacondeguy teamed up to build what maybe the highest-scoring and most impressive line in Rampage history. Following the fastest fall line, the Canadian and the Spaniard linked up jump after stylish jump until they got to an absolutely crazy step-down jump leading into the RZR Moto Booter jump. Lacondeguy stood on the edge of the take-off and gauged wind speed for Aggy. The Kamloops rider trusted Lacondeguy and sent the giant jump, which would become a central fixture in a number of standout runs, including the winner Lacondeguy.

Canyon Gap No. 2 – 2015

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Sam Reynolds Wins Red Bull Rampage Best Trick 2015
By the time Rampage moved to the third venue, the Canyon Gap had become a mainstay of the landscape, so they brought it with them. Now reaching approximately 76 feet (23 metres) across a gaping void, it became even more daunting yet somehow more trickable. Backflips, and even a frontflip attempt went down, but perhaps the most stylish trick ever went to Sam Reynolds's insanely stretched-out Superman.

Ethan Nell's suicide no-hander from a huge drop, 2018

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Ethan Nell's third-place run
Nell repeated his third-place result of 2017 with another mature and stylish performance in 2018. It was in his first run where he did the business. Highlights included a step-down backflip, a nose manual down a steep slope, followed by a suicide no-hander from a huge drop. He ended the run with a flatspin 360. Knowing he had already secured third place before his second run, Nell, a Utah local, took the opportunity to play to the crowd and lap up the adulation.

Brendan Fairclough's backflip over the canyon gap, 2019

Brendan Fairclough competes at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA on 25 October, 2019.
Brendan Fairclough's backflip lives long in the memory
Four top-10 finishes from four Rampages was quite a good return for British downhill-cum-freerider Brendan Fairclough, but 2019 would see him take his run to another level. A casual nose manual down the start ramp showed a rider at complete ease on the red rocks of Utah and he would need to be confident to pull off the gem in his run – an inch-perfect backflip across the 50ft [15.24m] canyon gap. The crowd roared their approval while Brendog's build crew chased after him in celebration. Although it wasn't enough to make it onto the podium, a score of 87.66 meant he was the best of the rest at Rampage 2019.
What will be 2021's biggest Rampage air? Tune in to Red Bull TV to watch live on Friday, October 15.
Can’t wait to get your freeride fix? Head over to the official Red Bull Rampage event page to see more exclusive videos, photos and stories.
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Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage has evolved over 18 years to …

Red Bull Rampage

In the 20th anniversary of the MTB event, riders …

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