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Where to find all the secret tapes in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

The secret tapes are one of the toughest challenges in THPS, but this guide and a liberal helping of gifs will make it a breeze.
By Stacey Henley
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‘Find the secret tape’ is one of the few consistent goals across every level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, along with ‘collect S-K-A-T-E’ and the score based goals. Finding them is usually the trickiest challenge of any level, but this guide – complete with some animated gifs – should help you bag them all without too much stress.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1


It’s hidden in the skybox above the halfpipe. Get it by building up a bit of speed and jumping off the ramps that lead into the halfpipe. If you can’t get it right away, grab some stat points and come back to it.


From the start, drop down and head around the back to reach the gym’s roof via a long slope. From here, you’ll see a pipe off to the side that leads to a long awning. Grind the pipe and ride the awning along to the end, jumping off to grab the tape.


From the second floor after the fountain, get some speed and jump off the end, landing on the ceiling lights. Grind the right one around to the end to grab the tape.


From where you start, head to the truck with the ramp into the window. Head through here and follow the tunnel around to the roof. Using the back of the bowl to gain speed, land and head for the kicker across the roof; with enough height, you’ll grab the tape.

Downhill Jam

This is definitely the hardest tape in the game. First, head to the raised area; this is the part where the road gets narrow – either grind or jump to the area on the right. From here, grind across the yellow bar to the next area, then either gap across or wallride the two platforms. Both are tricky and require high Air, Ollie, Hangtime, and Speed stats. From here, jump up to the next platform, ride it around and Ollie the gap. Finally, jump across to the central pillar with the short rails and grab the tape.


From the start of the level, head down the ramp and off to the right. Use the rail heading down the stairs for momentum if need be, and use the mini pipe to hit the roof that juts out. Grinding, wall riding, or even jumping and bailing gets you up. From there, follow the wooden boards to the top of the building then jump off to reach the tape below. You’re jumping blind, so a pull trick that spreads your skater’s body to give you a good chance of reaching it.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The Hangar

First, grind across the helicopter blades to open the secret area at the back of the stage. Once this is open, you’ll see the secret tape floating above the quarter pipe outside, and it's relatively easy to reach.

School II

From the start, head right and down to the courtyard. Use the far planter to get up onto the green awning. Wall ride the back wall into a grind, then wall plant to stay on the roof. Turn forwards, then jump off the roof to grab the tape floating in front of you.

NY City

To get this, you’ll need to collect all five subway tickets to open up the escalator to the subway rails. From here, grind the rails down to the skate park. It is possible to skip the tickets and cheese into the skatepark with a tricky combination of wall rides and leaps by the fence, but the tickets are much easier. Anyway, in the skate park, ride the curved path to the end, grind the rebar, then leap across to the other rebar to the left. Grind this to the end for the tape.

Venice Beach

Make sure you have max (or close to max) Speed, Ollie, and Air for this one. It looks like you have to get it from the roof, but that’s misdirection. Instead, gain speed off the low quarter pipe at the back of the starting area, then Boneless (Up, Up, Jump) off the middle table that's beneath the tape. A high stat skater will just about be able to grab it.


The tape is on the wires above the fountain, and you’ll also need to ride this wire to drain the pool, as the valves are on the roof at the top. Before that though, you’ll need to wallride the structure near the mini stairs to the left of the fountain. From that wallride, jump up and grind on the wire. You might need to get jumping mid grind for momentum, but otherwise, you just need to keep your balance until the end.