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Red Bull Flugtag

Relive the Chicken Whisperers' Red Bull Flugtag World Record flight

This team of aerospace and mechanical engineers from Palo Alto, California, proved that chickens can indeed fly, after soaring a staggering 78.5 meters.
By Red Bull Canada
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In 2013 we finally got some answers… why did these chickens jump off a pier in an attempt to fly? As they were taking part in Red Bull Flugtag of course! Introducing ‘The Chicken Whisperers’, who currently hold the World Record for the longest Red Bull Flugtag flight.
The Chicken Whisperers at Red Bull Flugtag in Long Beach, California, USA in 2013.
The Chicken Whisperers
The team managed to fly an astonishing 78.5 meters (that’s the length of 261.6 chickens in an orderly line) in 2013. They beat the previous record by 9 meters, and so officially flew to the top of the pecking order.
We’ve finally discovered the vital truth about being a chicken, not afraid or weak, but defiant and brave.
Red Bull Flugtag Canada is ready for its return to Toronto on September 23rd; we just need you to sign-up, soar and break the record. Or are you not chicken enough?