A photo we love: Jack Freestone’s GC warm-up

© Andrew Shield

Meet the rookie who’s ready to rock the world tour.

Jack Freestone shadow boxes with the best of them
Jack Freestone shadow boxes with the best of them

This year sees a bumper crop of rookies take their first steps towards world domination, and Jack Freestone might well be the most rounded of the lot of 'em.

Caio Ibelli has the flair, Conner Coffin the raw power, Alex Ribeiro owns the X-Factor and Kanoa Igarashi the most polish, but Jack has a little of each and a lot of his own, as witnessed here.

As we've already heard, the Gold Coast hasn't lacked for waves this year, and despite the well-earned layoff Freestone has been itching to get back in the water. As the Gold Coast's favourite photographer Andrew Shield details below, Freestone hasn't missed a beat as he readies himself to take on the big boys.

"This was only Jack's second surf back after a decent holiday break that included a week of snowboarding with his girlfriend Alana Blanchard at Mammoth, in California. No signs of wobbles or easing his way back either, he landed four different punts in an hour at D-Bah, then spun this backhand nosepick with speed to burn. I think the snowboarding might be paying off!"