Brush1 Chromatic headed straight to the top!
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Brush1 Chromatic is living his dream with his latest musical project!

Growing in popularity Jamaican DJ/MC/Soca Artiste Brush1Chromatic is poised to take over the Caribbean music scene in a big way, his latest single marks a new chapter in his career.
By Toni-Ann Kelly
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Brush1 grew up in a very musical family in Portland, Jamaica. His older brother co-operated a studio in his community and his step-father owned a sound system. Going into music/entertainment was really a no brainer for the up and coming entertainer. Brush1’s love for music developed because of his family, he explained, “I saw him (step-dad) make the music, get the dubs, burn the CDs and I’ve seen him make speaker boxes from scratch. I was also fortunate enough to go out with the sound sometimes and just experience the whole vibe of what it is.” Brush1 fell in love with the whole vibe around going out with the sound system. Growing up he was very observant of how the DJs worked and how the MC’s worked to get the peoples reaction, he recalled that somewhere along that line he fell in love with not just music but entertainment.
The Road Marshal Brush1 Chromatic!

The Road Marshal Brush1 Chromatic!

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Brush1 went into the recording booth for the first time at the age of 11 while he was in grade 6 at primary school. Recording was second nature to him, he wasn’t nervous as all, as he was always around the music and observing the happenings at his brother’s studio. When his idea to record came to him it felt very natural to step into the booth.
Speaking on his the type of music he does and what inspires it, Brush1 explained, “I would say, who I am and what I’m feeling. If you look at my catalogue, it’s a dancing song and some soca songs. You won’t ever hear me doing a bad man song, because Brush1 is not a bad man. Brush1 is a lover not a fighter, he loves to party, he loves to fete, he loves to laugh and dance. I’m inspired naturally by friends, family and unity.”
RB: What’s your favourite part of your profession?
Brush1: “My favourite part of my profession is travelling, seeing new places, experiencing new cultures. The way people talk, the way they dress, the way they move, their food, their music. Everything, I just love going somewhere new and just soaking up everything and experiencing it. There is no other feeling like that.”
Vibes Master Brush1!

Vibes Master Brush1!

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RB: How has music changed your life?
Brush1: “The number one way that music has changed my life is, it has introduced me to the world and it took me from a kid in Portland (Jamaica) to someone on the world stage. It has allowed me to inspire the same way that I was inspired by those on the world’s stage, I am now inspiring. That’s one of my greatest joys. I love to when someone can say, I didn’t give up on this (dream) because, you are from Portland just like me and I saw you do It, so I can do it too. Music has given me that.”
RB: Did you ever think that this was how your career would develop?
“No, I didn’t think this is how my career would develop. I always knew the end goal, I knew where I wanted to end up and I believed that I would end up there no matter what. The way however, is always unclear but that’s what makes the journey so nice.”
Brush1 Chromatic
Brush1 Chromatic is serious about music

Brush1 Chromatic is serious about music

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RB: Who or what inspires you?
Brush1: “As an MC, I really inspire myself. I don’t think there is anyone in my generation that is doing what I am doing, doing it how I’m doing it, or doing it at the level that I’m doing it. In previous generations there are individuals that have done it and done it to a much higher level. But for me for now I’m the one that’s doing it in this way. As a creative, I’m inspired by Creep Chromatic. Since I’ve been a youth growing up in Portland watching Creep, I’ve learned so much, even years before we had our first conversation, I was learning from him. He is creative, he is innovative, and he has vision. Watching his moves inspired me to make certain moves. ”
Next up for Brush1Chromatic is more music and more travelling, he is also looking to step into the role of producer. He clarifies that he not going to be a beat-maker but a producer. 2021 is a year to look out for the Brush1Chromatic productions making their way to the airwaves. “All I can say is expect the unexpected from Brush1. Know that Brush1 is not limited by any title, not because it says DJ Brush1, MC Brush1 or Artiste Brush1, there is so much Brush1 has to offer and piece by piece we will be releasing everything.”
Some new and exciting things are expected from Brush1 and we can't wait to see it happen! Check out more Brush1 Chromatic here.