Introducing Twani the Artiste!
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Twani Price drives into the music industry at high speed!

The young comedian is changing his title to Artiste with his latest single Honda creating a vibe on the airwaves and in the streets.
By Danielle Howe
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Twani Price is fireee!

Twani Price is fireee!

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Kingston is the hit-making center of Jamaica and new artistes emerge daily. Kingston College alumni Twani Price is debuting as an artistes after gaining popularity as a comedian via popular social media site Instagram. His witty characters and perspective made him rise to fame quickly and grow his fanbase.
Now in his final year of college, Twani has his eyes set on a new career in music. He’s released two singles so far and plans to release additional tracks before the year is out. We got a chance to sit with Twani and here’s what he had to say:


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1. What inspired you to do music? I would say my fans, from comedy days when I used to freestyle on Instagram with the crackers on my ears, them say mi fi take it serious.
2. When you went into the recording booth for the first time were you nervous? To be honest no. I was excited. The first song I recorded in the booth was Car Man and that song was pure gimmicks so it was fun.
3. What’s your favorite part of your profession? Inspiring people. Everyday someone sends me a DM a say mi inspire dem. Songs like phenomenal, wonda and honda are their favorites, big up Claims and Warren
4. How has music changed your life? Music gave me more confidence. It lets me express myself more.
5. What inspires your music? My surroundings. Everything around me, from people, cars, lifestyle etc
6. What’s next for Twani? More music and more music videos I have a lot more hot singles on the way so it’s a good look in regards to the future.
7. Did you ever think that this was how your career would develop from comedy to music? Yes to be honest I always have love for music from high school days I was always free styling with my friends in class or canteen.
8. What other aspect of the music business are you looking forward to going into next? Definitely producing I currently record myself so i’m looking forward to mastering the craft fully.
9. Who or what inspires you? Surrounding and my big brother Warren. My brother is always pushing me say mi fi get things done and so forth.
Summer is coming and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of vibe Twani releases. Check out more music and comedy from Twani on his Instagram and Youtube.