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This or That with Fat Skull & Sky

Fat Skull & Sky have some funny opinions and they let them all out in this crazy edition of This or That!
By Red Bull Jamaica
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When it comes to laughs Fat Skull and Sky have a lot to give. We sat both of them down on the Red Couch and the answers they gave us had us in stitches. We had to fire off a quick round of this or that to see how the two stack up!
Stunna Girl Sky is all about fun and fashion! And if her opinion on clothes is anything to go by she has a lot of things to say and we are going to hear her out! She sat down and went through these crazy questions ahead of her debut on the Red Bull Red Couch.
Netflix or YouTube? Netflix, i'm a movie person!
* Texting or calling? Calling
* Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram, all day everyday
* iOS or Android? iOS, i'm an iPhone kinda girl!
* Pineapple on pizza or no? Pineapple good for the- so of course!
* Street wear or designer? Designer for sure!
* Car or Truck? Car for sure, I have a car body lol
* Dancehall or reggae? Both but I love Reggae more, Bob Marley is one of my favourites, oldies reggae.
* Casual or dress up? I love Dressing up!
* Curry Goat or Oxtail? Oxtail, one time meal of the year!
* Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? Movie at the Theater so I can dress up and watch a big screen and see the excitement!
* Card Game or Board Game? None, but cards over everything.
* Horror Movie or Comedy Movie? This is a sticky one, these are the only two types of movies that I watch! I'll never choose!
* City or Countryside? Countryside nice and free and relaxed!
* Beach or River? River, c'mon beaches are for tourists
* Late nights or Early mornings? I like both ;-)
* Heels or sneakers? Definitely, Sneakers. I'm not a heels girl!
* 5 star restaurant or mama cooking? Definitely Mama's cooking!
* Villa or Resort? I like Villas more sometimes, it really depends.
* Afro or soca? Soca, it always have a vibe!
* Games Night with the Girls or Movie Night with the Girls? Movie Nights but with the Boys!
"My choices are always so weird" is the best statement to describe Fatskull. Known for always having a stand out opinion, Fatskull answers some of the questions we've been waiting to hear!
* Netflix or YouTube? Youtube
* Phone Call or Text? Call
* Instagram or Snapchat? Can't choose
* iPhone or Samsung? Iphone
* Pineapple on pizza or no? Yessss
* Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? Homeee so i can replay
* Card Game or Board Game? Board
* Domino or Ludo? Ludo
* Dancehall or Hip-Hop? Hip hop
* Late night or early morning? Early morning
* Stand Up Comedy or Sketch Comedy? Can't decide
* Town or Country? Country
* Beach or river? Beach
* Clarks or Sneakers ? Sneakers
* Restaurant of street food? Restaurant
* TikTok or Reels? Reels
* Curry Goat or Oxtail? Currrry
* Villa or Hotel? Villa
* Ripe Plantain vs Green Plantain? Ripeee
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