Brush1 Chromatic the Road Marshall King!
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This or That with Brush1 Chromatic

Brush1 Chromatic has a lot to say about everything! We caught up to him and asked him to pick some of his favourite things! Check out his top picks of everything!
By Red Bull Jamaica
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If you've had the pleasure of being in a room with Brush1 Chromatic then you'll definitely remember that day for the rest of your life! The out of this box DJ/ Producer/ Artist is not only great with music but also has a fun expression. For this reason Brush1 has a growing fanbase locally and internationally.
The laughs don't stop!

The laughs don't stop!

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No stranger to the Red Bull stage, Brush1 Chromatic was previously a DJ for team Strike Force on the 2019 staging of Red Bull Culture Clash. He's back again but this time he joins iRealPedro on the Red Bull Red Couch. But, before he hits the couch we had a few questions for him!
* Netflix or YouTube? Depends on the mood, if i'm looking for something to run in the background Youtube but outside of that Netflix
* Phone Call or Text? Phone Call if I rate you or if I think it's a convo that we need to have over the phone, if it's business then text.
* Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram!
* iPhone or Samsung? iPhone
* Pineapple on pizza or no? Definitely pineapple on pizza!
* Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? Movies at home! But some movies you have to have a theatre experience!
* Card Game or Board Game? Board Game
* Domino or Ludo? Ludi* you have to pronounce it like a Jamaican
* Palm Tree or Doukie Bounce? Doukie will always have a special place in my heart so Doukie.
* Late night or early morning? Late Night
* Stand Up Comedy or Sketch Comedy? Stand Up Comedy! For Sure!
* Town or Country? Country!
* Beach or river? River!
* Clarks or Sneakers ? Clarks, sneakers is a sometimes thing, Clarks always
* Restaurant of street food? Street Food forever!
* TikTok or Reels? TikTok
* Curry Goat or Oxtail? Woah, ummmm Curry Goat
* Villa or Hotel? Villa! Hotels have too many rules!
* Ripe Plantain vs Green Plantain? Ripe Plantain issa vibe
Brush1Chromatic International DJ

Brush1Chromatic International DJ

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Brush1 has a lot more to say and his Red Bull Red Couch interview reveals all! Find more Brush1Chromatic here.