Horizon is a force to be reckoned with in Apex Legends
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Tips and tricks for how to win with Apex Legend's new Legend: Horizon

Horizon can manipulate gravity, create black holes, and spacewalk to victory. But how can you best put these skills to use?
Written by Jack Grimshaw
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Horizon is the latest legend to join the pool of characters dropping into the Apex games. She arrives with Season 7: Ascension and costs the usual 12000 legend tokens, or 750 Apex Tokens (if you want to pay real money).
Horizon was once a great scientist working in the city of Olympus, but in order to prevent a major disaster, she left her son behind to travel to a black hole and gather a powerful material. Unfortunately, she was betrayed and left in space. Time progressed slower for her in the vortex and once she escaped, she found that everything she had once known was gone. Now she uses her mastery of gravity to wreak havoc in the Apex games.

Horizon’s Passive Ability

Spacewalk: Increase air control and reduce fall impact with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.
Horizon has found a way to make her spacesuit relevant in the atmosphere. Given that Horizon spends a lot of time in mid-air it is great to have better control over your movements to ensure you land with more precision. Legends suffer a penalty when taking a hard landing, causing them to have slower aim and movement for a moment after hitting the ground. This is not a problem for Horizon though. Using Horizon’s passive you can leap from a high point and use your extra air control to land perfectly behind cover, and immediately reposition and shoot without wasting a second. If you make the most of the Horizon’s powerful spacewalk, you can exploit enemy blind spots and flanks by striking from above with little warning or reaction time.

Horizon’s Active Ability

Gravity Lift: Reverse the flow of gravity, lifting legends upwards and boosting them outwards when they exit.
Horizon’s active ability is a small throwable that can be aimed and used with precision, or just thrown to the ground ahead of you when you need a quick lift. The lift doesn’t hang around for too long, so make sure your teammates know what you’re planning so they can catch a ride with you. The Gravity lift has a large height and lifts you quickly to the peak, but if you don’t feel like hanging around then you can dive out at any time. This is extremely useful for getting access to upper balconies and other high ground to gain an advantage in a fight.
It can be used offensively, to get a position for an assault, or defensively to escape harm for a clutch heal. It also has the option to be thrown at opponents to displace them briefly and give you the opportunity to get in some easy damage. Be aware that the gravity lift also affects objects such as thrown items and the Trident. This can be used to boost grenades further or to deflect thrown ultimates, like Gibraltar’s Bombardment and Horizon’s Black Hole.

Horizon’s Ultimate Ability

Black Hole: Deploy NEWT to create a black hole that pulls players in.
When you use Horizon’s ult you can see a trajectory arc and a boundary of effect showing what will be drawn in. When throw there is a brief window before the black hole becomes active. Horizon’s ultimate can be extremely powerful for zoning, even if it doesn’t connect. Filling an area with a black hole can give you a safe space to heal, or deny a route that would be advantageous to your opponents. If you do land it on players, they will be marked in the same way as Bloodhound’s scan or Crypto’s drone.
There is a strong initial pull that drags legends straight to the core of the hole, but they can move away from it slowly after they have hit the center. With that in mind make sure that your grenades and friendly ultimates are on the black hole as quickly as possible to maximise damage. If you know an enemy is wounded and hiding, throwing the Black Hole near them will either force them to flee or be dragged out of cover. Either way, it should net you an easy kill. It is important to note that the black hole has a health pool and can be focused down quite quickly if a squad is unthreatened while dealing with it.

Horizon’s Best Legend Combos

When preparing your team composition with Horizon bear in mind there is one thing that limits Horizon’s ability to get kills, she has no ability to close gaps. Her lift gives her verticality but not a lot of forwards momentum so moving in to secure the kill can be tricky for her. Here is a good opportunity to put Pathfinder and Octane into your rotation as their abilities work well with Horizon’s spacewalk and can get her across the gaps extremely quickly to finish off downed foes and punish misplays from your opponents.
Another route to success is to choose legends who can combo well with Horizon’s ultimate. Being able to drag opponents into a zone can be devastating if there is a suitable follow-up. Other legends like Bangalore and Gibraltar have trouble keeping opponents trapped in their artillery zones but with Horizon locking them down they can easily rack up damage. Getting Caustic’s gas grenade dropped on a helpless squad can eat through their health to leave you with some easy targets to pick off at the end. To a lesser degree, you can also get mileage out of Crypto and Rampart’s abilities to strip away shields or spread high volumes of fire across targets.
Horizon’s abilities do not hang around for exceptionally long, so opportunistic plays are less likely to go off. It’s extra important to have good communication between you and your squad to ensure they make the most of your lifts and black holes and ensure they do not go to waste.
With these tips, you should be all set to win more fights with Horizon and carry your teams to victory the next time you drop into the arena – just make sure to practice good communication and coordination to make the most of Horizon’s unique suite of skills.