G2 pick their favourite LoL 1v1 champions ahead of Red Bull Player One

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Stuck on which champion you should pick up for a 1v1 matchup? Here are four options chosen by Europe's finest to help you get a head start for Red Bull Player One.
Written by Yinsu CollinsPublished on
The UK Finals of Red Bull Player One in partnership with ROG is nearly here and you still have time to sign up for the last chance qualifiers this Friday.
Still not sure about whether you want to enter? Well, G2 are here to give you a helping hand – here are some tips from the MSI champions themselves on who you should play to dominate a 1v1 matchup.

Jankos' Pick

Jankos says Yasuo is one of the best 1v1 champions
Jankos says Yasuo is one of the best 1v1 champions
"On Summoner’s Rift I’d pick Yasuo, he’s not that hard to play. If you can play a smashing-your-head-into-your-keyboard style and not have to worry about the enemy jungle. I’d also say someone like Syndra, Lucian or Jax but that’ll have to depend on the matchup."

Mikyx's Pick

"For me, it has to be Heimerdinger. He’s unbelievable 1v1 because when you play against him it’s basically 1v4 against his turrets which is so OP. He has permapush so you can either win by CS or get first turret. He can never die so pick Heimerdinger if you want to win!"

Caps' Pick

Caps was the 2018 All Stars 1v1 Champion
Caps was the 2018 All Stars 1v1 Champion
"As current All Star 1v1 champion, I’d probably recommend Tristana as my pick. All you have to do is get to level 2, jump on your opponent and one shot them."

Wunder's Pick

"As probably the best player on the team right now, I’d pick Pantheon. As you can see from play-ins, Pantheon had 100% ban rate and it’s pretty good in lane even after the rework, so it’s a good 1v1 champion."