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Who are the best British Apex Legends streamers?

There are some great UK Apex Legends streamers that you should be watching, but who is the finest? You voted for your favourite, and the results are in!
Written by Jack Yarwood
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Apex Legends has become a sensation on streaming platforms since its surprise launch at the beginning of February. The game from Titanfall 2 developers Respawn Entertainment has replaced battle royale rival Fortnite at the top of the Twitch charts, and with 50 million registered players, it has a huge audience.
But with so many streamers now playing the game, who should you be watching? In the UK, there are some top up-and-coming streamers who have been slowly building a following for themselves over the last few years, while many established names are entertaining their fans with Apex Legends content amongst other stuff.
We listed some of the best UK streamers who are playing Apex Legends and gave you the opportunity to vote for your favourite! Now, the results are in – Sacriel is your favourite streamer, beating the likes of Thumbless GaGa and BreaK. As we know that streamers need comfort during long streaming sessions, we're sending Sacriel an EPIC Noblechair as a reward for winning the poll. Congrats Sacriel!
Check out the results and the streamers' channels below.

How to watch the best British Apex Legends streamers

Click the links to check out some of the best UK Apex Legends streamers
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