Miniminter is a FIFA YouTuber

Miniminter is your best British gaming YouTuber

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FIFA YouTuber wins our poll
Written by Tom EastPublished on
Popular YouTuber Miniminter has won our best British YouTuber poll. The FIFA vlogger topped the poll, beating the likes of LDShadowLady and Vikkstar with 30% of the vote.
Miniminter is number one!
Miniminter is number one!
Miniminter’s channel has nearly 4 million subscribers, and his fans enjoy watching his regular  FIFA Ultimate Team videos. However, some of his most popular videos feature real football, including  crossbar challenges and penalty shootouts.
LDShadowLady, a Minecraft YouTuber, came second. She asked her followers on Twitter to help her “not come last” in our poll, but she is so popular that she finished second, beating fellow Minecraft Youtubers TheDiamondMinecart and Stampy. She has nearly 2 million subscribers and received 19% of the vote.
Vikkstar came third, narrowly beating TheGamingLemon. Vikkstar has over 3 million subscribers on his main channel, which features videos on a variety of games, including GTA 5 and Call of Duty. The GamingLemon’s most popular videos are his GTA Mods in which he plays as the Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man. Syndicate, who regularly posts Black Ops 3 and CS:GO videos, finished fifth.
Best British Gaming YouTuber results
1. Miniminter
2. LDShadowLady
3. Vikkstar
4. TheGamingLemon
5. Syndicate
6. TheDiamondMinecart
7. Spencer FC
9. Ali-A
10. Wroetoshaw
11. Stampy