Europe's best bungee jumps
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Take the plunge: The best bungee jumps in Europe

Falling through the skies attached to only a cord is as big as adrenaline rushes get. And you needn't travel to the other side of the world to get your fix...
Written by Ellie Ross
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There’s nothing quite like standing on the edge of a sheer drop with your feet attached to a bungee cord to get the heart pumping.
Bungee jumping is one of the world’s most popular adrenaline sports, with options to leap from everything from bridges to cranes. While New Zealand is the birthplace of the sport, and China has the world’s highest bungee from a building (the Macau Tower at 233m), you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to get your fix.
From France to Finland, here are 13 of the best bungee jumps closer to home.

Niouc Bridge, Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland

The world’s highest suspension footbridge is nicknamed “Spider Bridge” thanks to its cobweb of cable wires – and you’ll have to have Spiderman-like superpowers to take on Bungy Niouc. Before jumping, try to quell your nerves enough to enjoy the surrounding views of the Navizence river and Alpine peaks.
Height: 190m
Price: £200 (225 CHF)

The O2, London, UK

Londoners, you don’t need to miss any bungee action thanks to a scarily tall crane that sits outside the O2 Arena. After a safety briefing, you’ll be hoisted above the London skyline in a bungee cage. With the O2 Arena on one side and Canary Wharf on the other, the only thing left to do is take in a quick gasp of 02 yourself and take that leap of faith.
Height: 48m
Price: From £99

Europabrücke, Innsbruck, Austria

Just south of winter sports mecca Innsbruck, this huge structure stands high above the Sill river. Its name translates as “Europe’s Bridge” and, from 1959 until 1963, it was the continent’s highest bridge. Which you’ll realise the moment you prepare to leap off its 192 metre-high edge.
Height: 192m
Price: From £165 (€192)

Valgadena Bridge, Vicenza, Italy

Would you take on Italy’s highest bungee jump? It’s located on top of one of the country’s tallest viaducts, located in a stunning valley in the Dolomites. So rest assured there will be plenty of other adventures – from via ferrata to rock climbing – when your feet touch solid ground.
Height: 175m
Price: From £88 (€100)

Titan Crane Bungee, Glasgow, Scotland

For something a little more urban, free-fall from the cantilever of a crane with Highland Fling. The company has a second jumping option, from a 40 metre-high purpose-built platform in Perthshire if you prefer to see green landscapes rush past as you hurtle down at speeds of over 50mph.
Height: 45m
Price: £89

Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

Ready to pick up some serious bragging rights? Welcome to Europe’s highest bungee jump. It’s also the place for Bond fans, as it featured in the opening scene of GoldenEye, starring Pierce Brosnan. You’ll plunge down the dam’s concrete wall – and will likely leave feeling shaken, not stirred.
Height: 220m (Europe’s highest)
Price: From £178 (200 CHF)

Souleuvre Viaduct, Normandy, France

Located over a river in a beautiful Normandy valley, this bungee jump is one of the few where you can touch the water. The partially demolished railway viaduct is now used mainly for the sport, and is manned by New Zealand company AJ Hackett with everything from pendulums to bridge swings also on offer.
Height: 61m
Price: £122 (€139)

Rasnoavei Gorges, Rasnov, Romania

Couched in the natural beauty of the Rasnov area in Romania, you’ll find the country’s first and highest bungee. Book a few days in advance to secure your place on the edge of the 140 metre-high drop into the dramatic surroundings of rocky crags and lush forest.
Height: 140m
Price: From £88 (€100)

Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria

How about jumping from Austria’s tallest structure? The Danube Tower is situated in Vienna, so ideal for anyone wanting to pack some adventure into a city break to the Austrian capital. The jumps are seasonal (summer months) and operated by Jochen Schweizer.
Height: 152m
Price: From £132 (€150)

Crane Jump in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland

Heading to Helsinki this summer? Then don’t miss the chance to leap from this mega-high crane for a bird’s-eye-view of Finland’s capital with its epic coastline and green parks. You’ll freefall at 75mph before landing on a floating platform in the sea. It’s the country’s highest bungee, but is only available in summer months so check and book online before you travel.
Height: 150m
Price: From £88 (€100)

Bray Lake, Berkshire, England

High above the calm water of Bray Lake, with views of lush, green countryside all around you, you’ll find the UK’s highest bungee jump. You’ll need a strong stomach to take on the 300ft leap – the equivalent of a 30 storey building. For those living in the North, there’s another 300ft bungee at Tatton Park, Manchester.
Height: 91m
Price: From £99

Corinth Canal, Corinthia, Greece

Greece’s most popular bungee jump sees you leap over Corinth Canal, the narrow, man-made stretch of water connecting the mainland to the Peloponnese. Available in summer months, it will give you a whole new perspective of this ancient passage for ships.
Height: 78m
Price: From £106 (€125)

Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

Need to cool off on your next beach break? A bungee jump that sees you dip your head into the sea should do the trick. Participants are weighed and measured to make sure they touch just the right amount of water for an adrenaline-fuelled holiday momento. It’s also the cheapest bungee on our list for the budget-conscious.
Height: 50m
Price: £44 (€49.95)