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The 7 best Motocross destinations for winter riding

Looking to escape the British winter in search of sunnier riding conditions? Here’s are the best moto holidays and training facilities to keep you riding all year round.
Written by Adam Simpson
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With winter fast approaching, there is no better time to start thinking about escaping the brutal British off-season and going in search of some little slices of sunny moto heaven.
Not only do these destinations offer better weather, but some of the facilities in Europe and beyond are simply on another level in terms of track construction and riding variation. With everything from huge open hilly motocross tracks to perfectly prepped supercross tracks and even FMX parks, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your skills and gain an advantage over your mates back at home sat in the boozer.
Load up and drive with your bike or simply get an Uber to the airport and fly with your kit, the options are all there and the prices can be surprisingly affordable if planned right with a group.
Here are our seven top picks for getting out of the UK on the ultimate MX winter getaway.

1. Royal Hills Experience – South France

Royal Hills MX Experience in France
Royal Hills MX Experience in France
Royal Hills is one of those dream motocross destinations that all true riders long to ride. Set in the stunning mid-Pyrenees, the facility offers guests a mix of motocross, supercross, endurocross, enduro, freeride, FMX and MTB. After playing host to the recent Fest series, the park has recently undergone a big upgrade and is now home to the longest freeride moto line in Europe, so the possibilities at Royal Hills are simply endless.
The two main motocross tracks have been built by Nico Vink from Ride Creations and are both progression focused, fun tracks with a mix of easy and challenging sections with some big, safe jumps thrown in for good measure. The tracks can handle an unbelievable amount of rain, so even if you do get a heavy downpour you can still ride a few hours later with the tracks in perfect condition.
What sets Royal Hills apart from the rest is the fact that the entire facility is booked on a private hire basis, so when you're there you have the whole place to yourselves – no general public! Frequented by everyone from pro race teams to weekend warriors, Royal Hills has something for everyone.
Beautifully converted traditional chalets, BBQs, a pool, a bar, a proper bike wash and private garages all on site make for an easy, relaxed time, letting you concentrate solely on progressing your riding and having fun with your friends.

2. Dirt Park – Hungary

Dirt Park MX track in Hungary
Dirt Park MX track in Hungary
Nestled away in the epic hills of Eastern Europe and featuring a motocross track like no other, Dirt Park, Hungary has built itself a reputation as one of Europe’s premium moto destinations.
From the breath-taking scenery to the world-class tracks, the epic Dirt Park Hungary has everything you need for an unforgettable motocross holiday. The main GP-style motocross track was built by the legendary Dirt Wurx USA crew and was famously described by the company's CEO as one of the top 5 motocross tracks ever built. The track features long sweeping corners, natural elevation changes, huge jumps and some insanely fast sections that are all ready to test the best. There is also a second, slightly less demanding motocross track designed for the improving rider.
With a huge variety of riding available, the giant facility offers guests the chance to ride a bunch of different disciplines including motocross, supercross, enduro and endurocross. With this range of riding combined with the epic backdrop, it’s no wonder so many companies, including KTM, have used Dirt Park to shoot their videos.
With plenty of facilities on-site (camping, showers, a pool, a fireplace and more) you can easily rock up for a full week and really settle in for some serious MX training.

3. California Motocross Holidays – USA

CMH has motocross holidays suitable for all abilities
CMH has motocross holidays suitable for all abilities
California is the number one place motocross riders from all over the world dream of riding. With its consistent sunshine, huge selection of tracks and the chance to go practicing with your favourite pro riders, So-Cal is undisputedly the global mecca of motocross.
There are a handful of different companies offering package motocross holidays in California now, but California Motocross Holidays (CMH) has quickly established itself as one of the best ones out there. With packages that suit all riding abilities available, along with a selection of the latest bikes to choose from, transportation to and from the different tracks, track-side support and premium accommodation, the whole experience is geared up to make you feel like Ken Roczen for the week.
Run by UK expat Michael Carter, CMH can cater for both individuals as well as big groups, so there’s plenty of room for all your riding buddies. Riding spots include iconic tracks such as Glen Helen, Perris Raceway, Competitive Edge, pala, Lake Elsinore and more. They are all just a short drive from the CMH base located in Menifee – the MX capital of So-Cal.
It’s not cheap, but everyone we’ve spoken to that has experienced a proper Californian motocross trip says it’s worth every penny – this is the ultimate motocross holiday.

4. Lleides Park – North East Spain

Lleides Motocross Park
Lleides Motocross Park
Originally a freestyle motocross compound for the Lleides FMX Team, the Lleides Park in Spain now features one of the sickest supercross practice tracks in Europe. Built by Antonio Navas in 2016, the pro-spec SX track has quickly become the no. 1 facility for many of Europe’s top racers to prepare for the upcoming indoor season. With a professional supercross track that features doubles, triples, technical timing sections and even a set of concrete whoops, this fun and technical track will have you ready for the AMA (American Series) in no time!
As well as the SX track, the park is also home to one of the best FMX set-ups in Europe, and one that is uniquely available for the public to ride. With a gigantic landing, a variety of ramps, a foam pit and a huge new quarter pipe, Lleides Park is where you will find most of Europe’s top FMX riders practicing over the winter.
Due to its location in Spain, the Lleides Park gets an insane amount of sunshine throughout winter and offers a quiet and focused setting for you to hone your technical riding skills and start getting those SX lap times down.

5. Area 47 – Austria

Area 47 motocross
Area 47 motocross
Austria may not have the hot, sunny climate of Spain during the winter, but it does have its own 3,800m square deluxe indoor mx track set in the stunning Tyrol Mountains! Area 47 is located just a few hours from Salzburg and along with a whole host of other crazy activities; the mountain resort offers moto riders a warm, dry place to ride all year round.
The moto hall at Area 47 is now fully electric, so all riders must use the fleet of brand new KTM MX Freeride-E bikes on the track. Available for anyone, from new-comers to professionals, electric MX bikes are easy to ride, fast and great fun, and it’s all emissions and noise free – keeping the mountains nice and clean.
Perfect for groups of people who are passing through or people looking to make a holiday out of it, there is a range of accommodation on site and plenty of wild activities for the whole family to enjoy. This premium indoor moto experience is also great for anyone simply looking to try something new, see what all the electric hype is about and get some winter riding in without all the heavy mud and two-hour cleaning sessions!

6. Destination MX – South Spain

Destination MX in Spain
Destination MX in Spain
If you are looking for the full moto holiday experience without having to cross the pond to America, then you can’t beat Destination MX. Operating out of Spain since 2011, Destination MX (DMX) offers riders a more economical alternative to the So-Cal holiday experience, with just as much winter sunshine!
Perfect for groups of mates looking for some fun in the sun as well as pro race teams in search of a premium facility for pre-season training, DMX can cater for anyone and everyone. The company is run by UK expat and professional moto and FMX rider Greg Rowbottom, meaning you will have an English speaking guide with great local knowledge on hand all week. With a package that includes track-side hospitality, mechanical support, cold drinks at the track and in-depth MX coaching, you can rest assured the DMX crew will make sure you get the most out of your European moto trip.
Take your own bikes or rent the latest, fully prepped race machines that will be fuelled up and waiting for you upon arrival. Accommodation is set up at a luxurious, motocross-friendly local hotel that has swimming pools and a gym to help you unwind after a long day riding in the sun.
Whether you go for a full week or just a weekend, DMX can offer you that epic summer riding feeling any time of the year.

7. MX Arena – North France

Located less than 2 hours south of Calais, MX Arena is the closest indoor moto facility to the UK. This unique site features a full-on 800m indoor motocross track as well as a new 400m outdoor track for the summer and claims to be the largest covered MX track in Europe.
With a track that has been designed to cater for riders of all levels, relative newcomers to the sport will be able to enjoy the facility and get a good taste of what indoor MX riding is all about.
For the seasoned pros, the tight and technical design will keep them on their toes and offer some great opportunities to practice for indoor winter moto or enduro events. The circuit layout is also prefect for kids, and instructors are on-hand to offer help and training where needed, making this the perfect destination if the whole family want to ride together at the same track.
The MX Arena is open seven days a week and has some nice facilities on-site including showers and a riders’ lounge to relax and socialise in.
It might not be the most idyllic holiday location, but MX Arena offers riders the chance to keep up their moto skills on a professionally run indoor track that is only a stone’s throw from England. What are you waiting for?