Olympus is different to King's Canyon in some notable ways
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Where We Dropping? Apex Legends Olympus Drop Guide

Need to know where to land on Olympus? Whether you like it spicy or quiet find the best place to gear up.
Written by Jack Grimshaw
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While the dust is still settling on the new map, there is enough information to start picking out your favourite spots. One thing that is clear is that the initial drop ship line is the key decider on what temperature a zone will be. Oasis could be filled with half the lobby if the dropship flies close, or completely empty if there is some distance. So always make sure to check the map before you chose where you are dropping to get the tempo you enjoy. With that said, let us look at the five best places to drop on Olympus.


With two skyscrapers and a beautiful plaza with a glass floor that lets you peer down to the sublevel cafe’s below, Oasis is a great place to visit just for the scenery. The buildings make for focused fights and access to the upper floors can give you the drop on other players as they cross the plaza. With the right legends, these elevated positions become sneaky access paths to allow for flanks and sneak attacks.
The sublevel zone is secluded and contains a lot of good loot, but can be hard to escape from if a competent team is trying to trap you in. This lower level can also be used for concealed access between the skyscrapers but be aware that the ziplines are noisy and can give enemies plenty of early warning of your approach. While Oasis is off to the side of the map, it does have a Trident station to allow for fast rotations if you need to get into the ring or hit another loot spot in a hurry.


As a result of a failure in the Phase Runner system, there is a large ominous field on Olympus known as the Rift. Inside there is a ring of research buildings surrounding the core. Each of these buildings contains high tier loot that can get you ready for a fight quickly. You’ll need to be careful though, as the limited buildings mean that any other squads will be rapidly approaching from either side. The central area of Rift contains the last Phase Runner and has limited loot and cover.
You should avoid being here as enemies will have no trouble firing down on you from the surrounding buildings. Only venture into the center if you intend to jump into the Phase Runner. If you are rotating out then you can make good use of the Trident to zip to a new location. The Phase Runner also allows you to cover a large distance near-instantly, but always be wary of enemies waiting on the other end who may be preparing an ambush.

Grow Towers

Grow Towers require players to check both the X and Y axis
Grow Towers is usually a quiet and safe drop, but always be prepared for others hanging around. The three towers each have three floors, all with supplies that can easily prepare a team for mid-game fights. Here, Legends with vertical movement such as Horizon and Pathfinder can reign supreme by leaping up from unexpected angles and avoiding the fatal ramps leading between levels. This element of surprise can tear through squads in no time. You can easily rotate out to Gardens to grab some extra loot or pick a fight.

Energy Depot

The Energy Depot is all catwalks and crates
Energy Depot is a large complex East of the central turbine that contains a series of catwalks and open floors with scattered crates. It makes for a good mix of close-quarter combat and long-range duels during the early game, allowing you to tailor your engagements to the kit you find on landing. This is one of the quieter spots so expect to only face one or two squads.
Be careful here as there are plenty of gaps and chasms that lead down to the cloud below and one unlucky jump or bad landing can put you straight into the lobby screen. When moving out of Energy Depot you can head south to Hammond Labs where there is lots of open ground if your loadout favours long-range engagements, or north to Power Grid for some close-range combat. Either option is good if the ring agrees with you.

Bonsai Plaza

At the southmost point of the map, there are two large towers connected by sky bridges, as well as a few smaller buildings below. This is the Bonsai Plaza and is a great place to drop. While typically quite popular it can also be quiet and with some practice leads to some efficient loot runs. Fighting in the tops of the towers is great fun and those scrappy early game fights can be won through positioning, surprise, and chokepoints. Make sure to make good use of the suspended restaurants that run between the two skyscrapers.
The sky bridges that connect them are good chokepoints to control and the open floors can be a good place to pressure an enemy squad. Always be aware of the ziplines that can bring other squads speeding onto your position. The big downside to landing here is that moving on for more loot requires traveling further than most other locations, and only one trident spawns here so if that gets taken then you will be running on foot. Direct to the north is a break in the phase runner so if the ring is too pressing this is always a good option for covering the serious distance as quickly as possible.
When landing at these locations always make sure to keep the ring and the dropship line in the back of your mind as these can drastically affect your rotations, and how spicy each location might be. If you pick a small handful of locations and learn each route between them, as well as the best paths to run while scooping up the early game loot then you should find yourself in an advantageous position every time you drop. Good luck out there, future champions!