10 films from the groundbreakers and risk takers you loved to watch in 2020

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From mountaineering and biking expeditions to delving inside the mind of Poland’s most mysterious rapper, take a look at the 10 most watched films of 2020.
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There's something special about films that revolve around sport and music. Perhaps it’s the ability to capture raw moments of pain, joy, anguish and triumph that triggers such an emotional response. All we know is that there's nothing better than settling into the sofa and becoming engrossed in a good documentary.
Whether it’s an underdog upsetting the odds or a popular musician questioning their success, these films are guaranteed to leave you glued to the screen. That's certainly the case for all the movies in the list below, which are the 10 most-watched films of 2020.
Skateboarding · 43 min

1. Saturdays

From Aaron Homoki’s high-voltage opening to Clive Dixon’s jaw-dropping ending, the action never stops in this iconic movie from Birdhouse Skateboards. Shot over three years at famous spots around the world, Saturdays features the most progessive skateboarding ever seen on film. There are celebrity cameos from Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Eric Andre, to name just a few, and most importantly a whole host of epic tricks from the legendary Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse team.
MTB · 1 h 3 min
North of Nightfall

2. North of Nightfall

Hidden among the glaciers on an uninhabited island, high in the Artic Circle, are a series of mountain bike lines that are simply too incredible to ignore. But which riders would be crazy enough to explore this frozen moonscape with its harsh temperatures and volatile weather? Well, in North of Nightfall we discover the answer to that question as Carson Storch, Cam Zink, Darren Berrecloth and Tom van Steenbergen tackle the stunning peaks and brutally steep slopes. See the quartet embark on an epic expedition in a groundbreaking freeride film that’s unlike any other.
Skiing · 1 h 6 min
K2: The Impossible Descent

3. K2: The Impossible Descent

If you needed any more proof that Andrzej Bargiel is the toughest ski mountaineer alive, then watching this high-stakes adventure will dispel any doubts. Following the Polish mountaineer’s solo ascent to the summit of K2 – without oxygen – the film centres around Andrzej’s seven-hour-plus descent on skis from the 8,611m peak in Asia. Featuring stunning peaks, crushing setbacks, drone rescues and plenty of heart-stopping action, you’ll be glued to the screen as the descent unfolds.
Bike · 1 h 26 min
Going In

4. Going In

When it comes to mountain bike racing, every single moment matters as riders only have a handful of chances to prove their worth. Living with this type of pressure is far from easy. This film explores exactly what it takes to compete at the highest level of professional MTB racing, getting up close and personal with Trek’s athletes as they experience the highs and lows of training, racing and living for the sport they love.
MotoGP · 57 min
Andrea Dovizioso: Undaunted

5. Andrea Dovizioso: Undaunted

In the world of MotoGP™ there are few characters more misunderstood than Andrea Dovizioso. From the Italian’s quietly impressive early years to becoming the chief world title rival of Marc Márquez, his analytical approach was seen as both the key to his success and a drawback as he continually failed to win a championship. In this documentary, we see an intimate portrait of a rider under huge pressure to deliver and defy his critics throughout a hugely challenging 2019 season. Raw and emotional, it’s not just motosport fans who will enjoy this fascinating film.
F1 · 45 min
The History of the Pit Stop

6. The History of the Pit Stop

The pit stop has always taken on huge importance in the world of F1. The art of refuelling, changing tyres and performing repairs could be the difference between victory and defeat. This film explores the struggles and challenges that teams have faced over the years, as despite tumbling times the danger has remained the same. Discover more about the minds who invented the techniques and technologies that took the pit stop from minutes-long to less than two seconds and what it’s like for both driver and crew to perform when the time is measured in milliseconds.
Rally · 1 h 24 min
On the Pipe 7: The Last Hit

7. On the Pipe 7: The Last Hit

Four years in the making and taking in every terrain imaginable, this is the definitive dirt bike film from director Jay Schweitzer. Taking the audience on a cinematic adventure around the globe, follow the backflip battle between Wes Agee and rising phenom Brian McCarthy; see a world-record backflip attempt and find out how the Pagès brothers became the most innovative FMX riders this century. OTP7 will leave you open-mouthed and in awe of the flips, tricks and crashes.
Motocross · 1 h 3 min
Moto 9

8. Moto 9

We dare any bike rider to watch this film and not immediately run outside and fire up their engine. Seriously, it’s a challenge. Starring a string of the world’s most entertaining moto athletes, the ninth film in the hugely successful franchise takes viewers on a journey to the most incredible riding locations on the planet. Exploring the soul shredder life to the AMA Motocross Championship program and everything in between, it’s vintage Moto combined with top cinematography and memorable music to match.
MTB · 1 h 17 min
The Moment

9. The Moment

For those with even a passing interest in the world of freeride mountain biking, this documentary is an absolute must. The Moment tells the story of how the sport was born in the backwoods of British Columbia through three crews of adventure seekers and risk takers. Featuring extensive interviews and archival footage from the biggest names in the birth of freeride, the film shows how what happened in BC changed the course of mountain biking forever.
Music · 38 min
Quebonafide: Romantic Psycho Film

10. Quebonafide: Romantic Psycho Film

“I have a cool house, I’m rich, but what good is that? Success is tiring in this crazy world.” The first words uttered in this fascinating documentary provide a unique insight into the mind of one of Poland’s most successful and mysterious rappers – Quebonafide. The musician may have found success and achieved everything he dreamed of, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's found happiness. Follow him over the course of several weeks as he travels from Russia through China to Mongolia on a fascinating journey of self discovery.
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