Pair Garen with other Nobles and Knights

The strongest League of Legends champions in Teamfight Tactics

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These are the champions you need to recruit to secure victories.
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Unlike League of Legends’ traditional 5v5 modes, Teamfight Tactics pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build the most powerful team. Only one player can take the crown and you’ll need to rely on your wits in order to crush those that oppose your rise to the top.
We’ve already gone over the top League of Legends TFT tips to help you survive the turn-based battlefield, but you’ll also need to recruit the best champs if you wish to ramp up those all-important victories. Picking the strongest meta champs in Teamfight Tactics will give you the edge you need to beat your foes, so we’ve put together an in-depth guide that breaks down the most popular meta picks and explains why you should be using them.

Aurelion Sol

LoL Champion Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol gets stronger when you place sorcerers on the map
  • Origin: Dragon
  • Class: Sorcerer
The celestial dragon is incredibly strong thanks to Voice of Light’s active, which allows him to unleash a large blast of fire in a line, dealing AoE damage to all enemies caught within its radius. Aurelion Sol’s damage may have been toned down in the previous patch, but his ability to chunk champions from four quadrants away is still incredibly strong.
Riot’s resident dragon grows even stronger when you place other Sorcerers on the map as your units gain double mana from attacking, while allied units have increased spell damage. Placing three Sorcerers will give them +35% spell damage increase, but this ramps up to a dizzying +100% spell damage when you have six. This not only empowers your other units on the board, but it also allows Aurelion Sol to unleash his Voice of Light a lot more during skirmishes and amps up his already potent attacks. Make sure you give Aurelion Sol any AP items you have and get ready to watch the fireworks.


Draven League of Legends
Draven can outclass other Imperial champions on the map
  • Origin: Imperial
  • Class: Blademaster
Draven easily outclasses the other Imperial champions due to the bonus on-hit damage and attack speed buff he gets from his passive. Spinning Axes stacks up to two times and receives a 150% / 200% / 250% attack multiplier, while his attack speed ramps up to 30% / 45% / 60%. This is pretty lethal considering Draven can use this ability all the time, so as long as he’s alive and kicking, he’ll be delivering consistent damage to the enemy team.
When you pair the multiplier from Spinning Axes with the double damage from Imperial Origin, you’ll be shredding through enemies in no time. Make sure you place four Imperials (Draven, Darius, Swain, and Katarina) on the board to reap the full benefits of this double damage buff.


Gnar League of Legends
Pair Gnar with other shapeshifters to get the most out of his mega form
  • Origin: Wild/Yordle
  • Class: Shapeshifter
This prehistoric Yordle is no stranger to the meta spotlight and he proudly sits atop the Teamfight Tactics tier list thanks to his aggressive nature. Gnar’s active sees the Yordle transform into his beast form, gaining health, attack damage and jumping behind the furthest enemy, damaging and stunning all enemies nearby.
Not only does Gnar deal a lot of damage (200 / 300 / 400), he also has a lot of health and utility. His knockback and subsequent stun can keep your enemy’s damage dealers away from your squishy carries, while also giving your team time to delete any threats during the two-second stun. Gnar’s Wild and Yordle Origin typing not only increases his attack speed, but it also makes him harder to hit. Try pairing Gnar with other Shapeshifters (Elise, Nidalee, Shyvana, and Swain) to get the most out of his mega form.


Sejuani's Glacial Prison can stun enemies for five seconds
Sejuani's Glacial Prison can stun enemies for five seconds
  • Origin: Glacial
  • Class: Knight
Sejuani is one of the best CC champions in League of Legends and her icy attacks can put an end to even the most aggressive teams, so it makes sense that the Fury of the North is a staple pick in Teamfight Tactics.
Her Glacial Prison creates a large icy storm, stunning enemies within it after a short delay. This ability is extremely effective against grouped champions, especially when you take into account that the stun duration can last up to a whopping five seconds. Not only does this stun have the largest duration in the game, but it also has the capacity to stun your enemy’s entire team. This is absolutely terrifying in the late-game, as a five-second stun simply allows you to deal uncontested damage, deleting squishy targets before they can even react.
Try to combine Sejuani with other Glacial units (Ashe, Anivia, Braum, Lissandra, and Volibear) to increase the chances of unleashing a two-second stun from your auto attacks.


Ahri League Of Legends
Use Ahri in conjunction with Aurelion Sol
  • Origin: Wild
  • Class: Sorcerer
No League of Legends meta list would be right without the appearance of Riot’s ever-popular Nine-Tailed Fox. Ahri is a fan-favourite among those looking to build upon the Sorcerer class synergies, especially when used in coordination with Aurelion Sol.
Orb of Deception allows Ahri to hit multiple enemies and can quickly melt through a champion’s health when she’s given multiple AP items. Ahri is a little on the squishy side (450 / 810 / 1620 health), but if you can keep her behind a few tanks and keep her protected, she’ll make short work of even the hardiest of foes.


Ashe League of Legends
Combine Ashe’s Enchanted Arrow with Sejuani’s Glacial Prison for a big stun
  • Origin: Glacial
  • Class: Ranger
Glacial teams are currently dominating the competition with their icy stuns and overall utility, so it’s not surprising to see Ashe ranked so highly. Ashe’s Enchanted Arrow stuns and damages the farthest enemy – the further the enemy, the longer the stun lasts.
When you combine Ashe’s Enchanted Arrow with Sejuani’s Glacial Prison, you have a massive seven-second stun. If you have multiple Glacials on your team the amount of CC you can lay down gets pretty ridiculous, especially when even your auto attacks have a chance to produce an additional two-second stun. To make things even better, Ashe’s Ranger classification allows her to double her attack speed for three seconds. Make sure you build Infinity Edge and Runaan’s Hurricane to bombard your enemy with as much damage as possible during their icy downtime.


Garen League Of Legends
Pair Garen with other Nobles and Knights
  • Origin: Noble
  • Class: Knight
The Might of Demacia is a strong pick for those that wish to rush down their opponent. Garen is a very cost effective unit who can survive lengthy brawls and dish out decent amounts of damage throughout the game. His large health pool (600 / 1080 / 2160) allows him to take on multiple targets at once, shredding through them with ease.
Garen’s damage really comes into its own when he has access to Morellonomicon, Luden’s Echo, and Phantom Dancer. The majority of Teamfight Tactics’ champs are melee based, making Garen’s Judgement ability particularly lethal when multiple units are grouped around him. When Judgment is active, Garen rapidly spins his sword around his body, becoming immune to magic damage and dealing damage to nearby enemies. This ability lasts for a total of four-seconds and can make short work of those that are unfortunate enough to get caught within its radius.
Meanwhile, Garen’s Noble/Knight classification allows him to block enemy attacks as well as gain armour and health. Consider pairing Garen with other Nobles and Knights to make the most of his stellar kit.


Brand in League of Legends
Brand takes out multiple enemies with his Pyroclasm
  • Origin: Demon
  • Class: Elementalist
Brand’s Pyroclasm is an absolute nightmare to deal with in Teamfight Tactics due to the small nature of the battlefield. When multiple units are grouped together, Brand’s Pyroclasm will effortlessly bounce around them, damaging all enemies hit. Meanwhile, deploying multiple Demons grants Brand the chance to burn away his target's mana, dealing damage based on the amount of mana burned.
Not only can you diminish your opponent’s ability to use their most lethal attacks, but you can instantly counter and shutdown mana hungry targets. If you’re tired of seeing Sejuani and Aurelion Sol dominating the battlefield, then be sure to add Brand and a few Demons to your team in order to counter their OP plays.