What are the best gaming podcasts?

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Written by Jack Yarwood
Which video game podcast is your favourite? The results of our poll are in.
There are a ton of great video game podcasts available. From those that look back fondly at retro games, to discussions on modern releases, and the latest news, there's so much for gamers to listen to when they're not actually playing.
We rounded up some of our favourite podcasts from around the globe and you've been voting for your favourites over the past few weeks. All of these selections are a fantastic source of new info and are a great listen that will make your commute, gym session or shopping trip more entertaining, but there could only be one winner, and that is Giant Bombcast.
Yes, Giant Bombcast received more than twice the amount of the brilliant What's Good Games to top the poll. Nominating Giant Bombcast, we said: "It’s the lack of structure and the endearing personalities of its host Brad Shoemaker and his guests that makes the podcast feel like you’re simply listening to your friends discussing their favourite games."
Congratulations to all of those who were nominated – they're all great, and we hope you have discovered something new to listen to.
Check out the results and nominations below:
  1. Giant Bombcast
  2. What's Good Games
  3. Cane and Rinse
  4. Retronauts
  5. Spawn On Me
  6. Idle Thumbs
  7. FUT FM
  8. UltraChenTV
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