10 of the best cycling gloves to keep your hands warm this winter

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Fed up with cold hands ruining your winter rides? Investing in a solid pair of cycling gloves is an easy fix, and will help to guarantee warm, dry digits, whatever the weather.
Written by Paddy MaddisonPublished on
As days get shorter, evenings grow longer and drivetrains get filthier, plummeting mercury levels push cycling kit to its limits. Hands are one of the first places to feel the effects of a drop in temperature, which is why a proper pair of cycling gloves is such an important investment.
A good pair of cycling gloves will block out the worst of the cold and keep hands dry(ish) while retaining enough finger dexterity to operate brake levers, shifters and dropper remotes with ease. They should also offer some degree of windproofing, as even in relatively still conditions, a long descent in the cold can soon deaden digits. And the last thing anyone wants when descending in the wet is numb fingers on the brakes.
Below you’ll find a handpicked (no pun intended) list of the best cycling gloves available to buy right now. Whether you’re getting muddy in the woods or cruising on the road, these gloves will keep you doing it for longer.

1. Oakley Pro Ride Gloves

Oakley Pro Ride Gloves
Tap away to your heart's content with these device-friendly gloves 📱
Price: £25
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced option from a respected brand, these water-repellent winter gloves from Oakley will fit the bill. They’re made from quick-drying fabric and feature foam padding in the palms for comfort. Velcro tabs at the cuffs ensure a snug fit and touchscreen compatibility allows you to operate a phone or touchscreen bike computer without having to remove them.

2. Proviz Reflect 360 Cycling Gloves

Proviz Reflect 360 Cycling Gloves
Let there be light 💡
Price: £44.99
Has your commute been plunged into darkness? Proviz’s Reflect 360 gloves are a real game-changing bit of kit that can handle themselves on the coldest days, while also packing some all-important safety features. The outer surface is made from millions of highly reflective glass beads, meaning your hands light up when signaling on the road in lit settings. They’re also completely waterproof and windproof and offer a sturdy grip on the bars, no matter the weather, thanks to a printed silicone pattern that covers the palm of the hand. For dark, cold-weather commutes, it’s tough to find a better pair.

3. Attaquer Deep Winter Gloves

Attaquer Deep Winter Gloves
Rated down to zero degrees, they should handle all but the coldest starts
Price: £49.95
Australia isn’t exactly known for being the coldest place on earth but local label Attaquer is still crafting top-notch cold-weather kit regardless. Take these heavy duty gloves, for example. They’re made from windproof, insulated fabric and are rated for use down to zero degrees, so should be able to survive all but the coldest UK mornings. There’s plenty of grip on the palm for a firm hold on the bars in all conditions and looks-wise they’re not too shabby, either.

4. Pedaled Yuki Thermo Winter Gloves

Pedaled Yuki Thermo Winter Gloves
Padding at pressure points combats fatigue and numbness on longer rides
Price: £55
Named after the Japanese word for snow, these insulated gloves from Pedaled’s winter line balance warmth and dexterity perfectly. Instead of using all-over insulation, strategically placed panels allow for greater mobility while also maximising warmth. The palms feature faux suede for wet-weather grip and padding at pressure points to combat fatigue and numbness on longer rides. Plus, they’re made in Italy, which is rarely a bad thing.

5. Assos Winter Gloves

Assos Winter Gloves
Don't be deceived by this pair's svelte appearance
Price: £70
On first inspection, these low-profile gloves from Assos don’t look particularly winterproof. Slip them on, however, and it’s a different story. They’re close-fitting and slim but the WindBlock textile elimitanes windchill and microfleece lining traps body heat and seals out the cold. There’s also some well-placed padding on the palms, aiding grip in wet conditions and reducing fatigue in the hands. Conductive material in the fingers makes operating touchscreens a breeze, too.

6. Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Gloves

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Gloves
This set looks as good on the bike as off it
Price: £75
Fully waterproof, highly breathable and offering plenty of dexterity, these cold-weather gloves from Sealskinz are ideal for cycling and beyond. Cleverly constructed, they feature an innovative layered design that sandwiches a waterproof hydrophilic membrane between a Merino wool inner and a goatskin and softshell outer. This results in a fit much snugger than a lot of winter cycling gloves while still offering an impressive range of motion in the digits.

7. Rapha Pro Team Winter Gloves

Rapha Pro Team Winter Gloves
Fleece-lined, windproof and a DWR coating in an aero package? ✔️
Price: £80
Born and bred on the British cycling scene, Rapha is no stranger to less-than-favourable riding conditions. Perhaps that’s why the brand’s winter gloves are some of the best in the game. The Pro Team model feature a slim, low-profile fit ideal for aero junkies. But don’t assume that means a compromise on warmth. In fact, these gloves are fleece lined, windproof and treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) coating that will keep the worst of the weather out.

8. Pas Normal Studios Control Heavy Gloves

Pas Normal Studios Control Heavy Gloves
Lobster-claw gloves are great at keeping your fingers warm 🦞
Price: £87.50
Love it or hate it, Pas Normal Studios’ blend of high performance and a fashion-forward, minimalist aesthetic has proven a huge hit with style-conscious cyclists. These heavy duty winter gloves are the result of cold-weather riding in the brand’s native Denmark, where the winters can be incredibly brutal. The gloves feature a lobster-claw design, which maximises heat retention by keeping non-lever fingers together – something which is particularly effective when paired with a thin liner glove for tackling extreme temperatures. They’re also water resistant, windproof and feature towelling fabric on the thumb for wiping muddy glasses (or runny noses).

9. Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves

Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves
The Gore-Tex fabric means you can say goodbye to wind chill 👋
Price: £95
Castelli is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to cycling kit and these are the Italian brand’s warmest winter gloves. A fleece liner keeps things toasty inside while a silicone print on the palm provides plenty of grip. The real star of the show, however, is the Gore-Tex Infinium outer, which is basically the Rolls Royce of windproof fabrics. It blocks out wind entirely but lets water vapour escape, and while it isn’t 100 percent waterproof, it does have a DWR coating that will happily shrug off all but the heaviest of downpours.

10. GripGrab Optimus Winter Gloves

GripGrab Optimus Winter Gloves
Keeping your hands warm throughout the winter is snow joke... ❄️
Price: £107.95
On the coldest winter days, your hands need as much protection as they can get, which is exactly what these rock solid winter gloves from GripGrab provide. There’s a waterproof membrane that keeps rain and snow out without stopping sweat escaping, while the hollow-fibre construction traps as much of that precious body heat as possible. The cuffs are extra long too, which is great for keeping the elements out when worn under the sleeves of a jacket or long-sleeve jersey.