The 13 best young midfielders in FIFA 19 for any budget

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Written by Ford James
Whether you can afford a superstar CM or are looking for a free CDM, these are the best midfield wonderkids in FIFA 19.
Central midfielders often improve with age. Paul Scholes, Andres Iniesta and Andrea Pirlo were outstanding players throughout their career, but they peaked later than strikers such as Michael Owen, Robinho or Robbie Fowler.
In FIFA 19, there are a number of young central midfielders with immense potential, that you can pick up to nurture and watch them grow into world beaters in Career mode. We've selected 13 of the best young midfielders in FIFA 19 from a number of different budget options, so whether you're skint or super-rich, you can sign up a player with great potential.
Andre Gomes showing off his four-star skills
Andre Gomes showing off his four-star skills

Best Young Midfielders – Free Agents

Exhausted all of your budget already and need to pick some players up on a free? There are only a couple of options here.
Ronaldo Lucena – CM
Another player who, in real life, is signed to a club – Deportivo Tachira in this instance – but in-game, he’s available on a free. He’s currently a 64 with 77 potential, and his best stats are his 73 balance and 71 stamina. He’s only 5ft 6” and 148lbs, so he’s much more of a technical player than a physical one. He’s swapped Venezuela for Sheffield in our game, specifically Wednesday.
Siphesihle Ndlovu – CAM
The best free agent we can find, Ndlovu is a 21-year-old CAM hailing from South Africa. He boasts four-star skills and 81 pace, so he’s actually a pretty good shout. 73 dribbling, 72 shot power and 71 ball control round off his other top stats. We were too late to grab him again though, since he’s now at San Lorenzo.

Best Young Midfielders – £1 million and under

Abdoulaye Dabo is a good passer in FIFA 19, and he has 87 potential
Abdoulaye Dabo is a good passer in FIFA 19, and he has 87 potential
Got a little bit of moolah to sling about but not enough to attact a big name? These guys are all under £1 million.
Brandon Baiye – CDM (Club Brugge)
If you’re after a CDM, Brandon Baiye is a solid shout. He’ll only set you back about £572k, but since he’s only 17, you’ve got a good few years before he'll become a star. He’s rocking a current overall of 63, with his 75 strength and 72 balance as his two top stats right now. He’s well rounded, though, with solid passing and tackling stats. His potential is 83, too.
Abdoulaye Dabo – CM (FC Nantes)
Dabo can play at LM or CM, but he’s much better suited to the middle of the park, due to his lack of pace. He’s another 17-year-old, which means it’ll be a while before he comes good, but right now you’re looking at £704k to pick up the young Frenchman.
He’s another incredibly well-rounded player, with 69 short passing and ball control, 67 long passing, and 65 dribbling and standing tackle. He’s also got a high/medium work rate so he’ll be up and down the pitch all game long. His 87 potential makes him one of the most promising players to pick up.
Takefusa Kubo – CAM (Yokohoma F. Marinos)
Takefusa Kubo already has some outstanding stats and he'll only get better
Takefusa Kubo already has some outstanding stats and he'll only get better
It’s not often you find a solid player in the Japanese leagues but Takefusa Kubo is a 17-year-old who can play anywhere in the attacking third. His main position is CAM but you can stick him up front or on either wing and he’ll be right at home. He’s got an outstanding 89 acceleration and 87 balance, with 82 agility and 75 dribbling. He’s also got both four-star weak foot and skill moves. For a player only rated at 63 currently, that’s outstanding considering his 85 potential. On top of that, he’ll only set you back £704k, and his wages are at just under £1k.

Best Young Midfielders – £1 million-£5 million

Tonali only costs £1.4 million yet he has 88 potential. Bargain!
Tonali only costs £1.4 million yet he has 88 potential. Bargain!
Now we’re getting into some of the bigger names. These guys are all worth between £1m and £5m, so make sure you can afford them.
Sandro Tonali – CDM (Brescia)
One of the cheaper options in this bracket, Tonali is currently 18 and 67 rated, but has a stunning 88 potential. He’ll cost around £1.4 million, which is a bargain price considering he’s already got both 72 short and long passing, 71 ball control and strength, and 73 balance. Impressively, he’s also rocking a four-star weak foot, so he can accurately play it out to anyone, no matter how much pressure he’s under.
Mickaël Cuisance – CM (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
Cuisance is an 18-year-old Frenchman playing in the Bundesliga, and he’s one of the players in this price bracket who can get regular gametime for your team right away. At £4.8 million, he's much more expensive than Tonali, but he already has a 72 rating and can reach 85.
Cuisance excels at passing – 78 short passing and 79 crossing means that you’ll fare well by letting him free roam and drift to the wings if needed. He’s got 85 curve so he can thread through balls like it’s nobody’s business, and his 84 agility allows him to find the best positions.
Riqui Puig – CM (FC Barcelona)
As you'd expect from a Barcelona midfielder, Puig can pass
As you'd expect from a Barcelona midfielder, Puig can pass
Riqui Puig is an 18-year-old who is on the books of La Liga giants FC Barcelona. He’s currently at a 68 rating, but that can increase by 20 to 88 before long. He’ll only set you back £1.6 million too, a bargain price for the young Spaniard. His best stat is his 77 vision – combine that with 76 short passing and 74 long passing and he can pick out a pass from anywhere.
Angel Gomes – CAM (Manchester United)
United fans will already know about Angel Gomes, but for everyone else, he’s a star player for the U21s. Only 17 years of age but with an incredible 87 potential, Angel Gomes has an amazing 90 balance stat, and 83 agility. He’s only 5ft 3”, which means he’s definitely not getting on the end of any crosses, but since he can also play LW, he could be the one delivering them. Give him free roam of the attacking third, and, with his four-star skill moves and weak foot, Gomes will run rings around defenders before picking out the perfect pass.

Best Young Midfielders – £5 million-£10 million

Marc Roca is a solid CDM right now, but he can get better
Marc Roca is a solid CDM right now, but he can get better
These chaps will set you back some big bucks, but they’ll already prove themselves worthy of a place in your starting 11.
Marc Roca – CDM (RCD Espanyol)
At 21-years-old, and a regular starter at RCD Espanyol, Roca is a solid CDM. He’ll slot right into your team as soon as you sign him, but you’ll need to pony up £8.8 million to acquire his 75 overall and 86 potential. He’s a well-rounded player with 80 short passing, 76 standing tackles and ball control, plus 74 marking, sliding tackles and long passing. At six foot tall he’s not bad in the air, either.
Gedson Fernandes – CM (Benfica)
Gedson Fernandes is the true definition of a box-to-box midfielder. His high workrate and 88 stamina means the man will never stop, contributing to attacking movements then tracking back to defend right after. He’s not slow either, with 79 pace.
Fernandes has truly got it all, with very decent shooting, passing, and dribbling – the only stat lower than 60 is his heading accuracy. You’ll need to pay £8.4 million for his 74 rating and 86 potential, but he only has £4k wages, so that will ease some of the financial burden.
Phil Foden – CAM (Manchester City)
Phil Foden will be a superstar in FIFA 19 and real life
Phil Foden will be a superstar in FIFA 19 and real life
One of England’s hottest young prospects, Phil Foden should be a familiar name to any avid football fan. The 18-year-old is a CAM with 88 potential and a 73 current rating. His best stats are his 86 agility and balance, followed by 76 short passing, 75 ball control and 74 vision. He’ll cost you around £7 million, and while he’s still got some improving to do, he’ll be a star before long. Make sure you can afford his £31k wages though!


Arthur is already a top player – he'll cost £28.6 million in FIFA 19
Arthur is already a top player – he'll cost £28.6 million in FIFA 19
None of these guys good enough for you? Got more money than a Russian oligarch? Consider picking this guy up…
Arthur – CM (FC Barcelona)
The second Barça player here, Arthur is an absolute beast. He can play at CM or CDM and, despite only being 21 years old, he’s already got a rating of 82 with 90 potential. His two best stats are his 85 short passing and 84 composure, alongside his four-star skill moves. The cost? £28.6m and £110k wages. There’s a reason he’s a first team starter for FC Barcelona...
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