The FGC is ready for Capcom Cup 2020

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It might look a little different, but the crush counters will land in the same explosive manner. Here are the biggest stories to look out for as Street Fighter V's latest season ends next month.
Written by Ryan CollinsPublished on
The less said about 2020, the better. It was a difficult year for the fighting game community, with many tournaments cancelled outright and others moved online. The FGC is tough, though, and Capcom still managed to gather the community and give them something worth fighting for – another chance at the cup – by staging a series of qualifier tournaments throughout the year.
The competitive spirit of the scene was kept alive through online battles, leading up to a finale that will, remarkably, take place solely offline at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the Dominican Republic in February, with the biggest names in the scene attending. The highest level of Street Fighter V is just around the corner – here are the biggest stories of Capcom Cup 2020.

The return of offline

With most FGC tournaments either cancelled or taking place online in 2020, Capcom's yearly circuit has looked a little different. Comfortingly for a community used to crowds and competitors side-by-side, the finale will take place offline and in person. Following a set of strict guidelines ensuring the maximum amount of safety possible for the players and staff, the competition will commence in head-to-head battles, where they can reliably whiff-punish and react to their heart's content without worry of outside variance – or high ping. This will allow the players (and viewers) to experience the peak of Street Fighter V and leave no question as to who's the best.

The Beast is back

The legendary Daigo 'The Beast' Umehara has been grinding during the quartzite, upping his reactions, studying matchups and playing a variety of different characters over the last year, even as he approaches his fifth decade. This heavy-duty training has led him to a decisive victory at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia East 1 tournament. The qualification and other wins, like the Blink All Stars Challenge Japan, have backed up his recent confidence. Even with a strong lineup ready to take him on, Umehara is a safe bet to take it all.

An all-star lineup

While many familiar faces have not made it into the Capcom Cup 2020 lineup, many have, including EVO winners and previous Cup champions. Last year's winner, Derek 'Idom’ Ruffin, is focused on keeping the trophy for another year with his toxic Poison and Laura concoction. Though Ibuki has been nerfed, Kun 'Xian' Ho has found new life with the Seth selection and his special Tanden Maneuver V-Trigger 2 setups. Kanamori ‘Gachikun’ Tsunehiro is looking for his second Capcom Cup win and after acquiring enough ballots to make it in the final fan-voted spot, EVO winner Olivier 'Luffy' Hay is ready to shake up the brackets from the top rope.
Photo of Idom removing headphones at Capcom Cup 2019.
Idom prepares for Round 2

Hometown advantage times two?

For the first time ever, the finals have moved to the Dominican Republic. Though there won't be a crowd, there's a home-field buff for DR players Cristopher 'Caba' Rodriguez and Capcom Cup champion Saul Leonardo 'MenaRD' Mena II. It's fantastic to see Capcom, even now, hosting the finals in different parts of the globe and staying true to the concept of the World Warrior.

Saikyo Style patch

The delay of Dan Hibiki – the downloadable content character slated to originally arrive last year – saddened fans of the unintentionally hilarious Saiko Style combat. However, Dan's appearance is only slightly delayed, coming sometime in February 2021. If Capcom stays true to how they've done things prior to Season 5, then Dan might just show up the night Capcom Cup ends. Furthermore, he could come with the slated balance patch and a new battle mechanic that has yet to be revealed.
With Capcom Cup sunsetting the season of Street Fighter V, reinvigorating the game with crisp content at the conclusion, is sure to keep the momentum of the game going. This is typically how Capcom operates with patches, so the fanbase should expect nothing less this time.