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Brandon Semenuk in an abandoned mine is 100 seconds you need to see today

Just when we thought Semenuk couldn’t possibly level up his contributions to our Raw 100 series again, he drops a masterpiece with Revel Co.
Written by Taylor SudermannPublished on
Thanks to the blank canvas provided by an abandoned mine in Merritt, British Columbia, Brandon Semenuk describes this contribution as his “latest and greatest iteration” of the Raw 100 series.
But let us ask you, had you already assumed that before pressing play? If you’ve followed the evolution of his Raw 100 videos with Rupert Walker, you’d know it’s a safe bet to say that this one would up the game once again.
The opportunity to use this abandoned mine site was incredibly motivating
Brandon Semenuk at FMB Red Bull Rampage 2012
Brandon Semenuk
"It continues to get more and more difficult to pull these off and bring a fresh approach, but the opportunity to use this abandoned mine site was incredibly motivating," said Semenuk.
For those of you unfamiliar with Raw 100, it is a series designed by us to challenge athletes and filmmakers to put together 100 seconds of footage in real time with only natural audio to showcase the beauty and simplicity of their sport.
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