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Watch Danny MacAskill's new film Home of Trails in Graubünden

Danny MacAskill goes on an epic trip with Claudio Caluori across Graubünden AKA 'The Home of Trails'. Watch it now and read our exclusive interview with Danny.
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If you haven't heard of the The Swiss vacation destination Graubünden, then we're here to let you know all about it!
Nicknamed “The Home of Trails”, no other alpine region in Europe has as many trails in such a small area – over 17,000km of rideable paths stretch across the mountainous region. It's the ultimate mountain biker's playground.
The alluring call of endless trails also drew Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori to the region. Legendary trials biker Danny broke onto the scene in 2009 with his viral Inspired Bicycles video, followed by numerous viral hits such as Wee Day Out in 2016. Claudio has established himself as a cult figure in mountain biking with his hilarious UCI DH course previews.
Watch their epic trip to Graudbünden in the video below and scroll down for an interview with Danny.
Danny is equally as good on the big bike as he is on the smaller trials bike, and over recent years he has been doing more travelling and riding trails. Find out his thoughts on the trip with Claudio to Graubünden and get the behind the scenes gossip in the interview below.
RedBull.com: How long were you in Graubünden and what did you think of it?
Danny: Graubünden was just awesome. I was there for two weeks. Riding some of the best trails I have seen to date with Claudio Caluori was a great experience. We had a hell of a good time.
What was the most challenging aspect for you?
Trying to keep to with Claudio and having Claudio commentate on everything I was doing [laughs].
Was there a particular trail or area that stood out for you?
Oh, that’s a tricky one! For every trail we rode in each location there were scores of other trails we didn’t get a chance to see! I really liked the trails around Davos. From amazing ridgeline rides to 40minute long descents into an incredible valley where you feel like the only people there. I would love to just tour all the places we saw on the trip. It was all just too good!
What is your favourite part of the video?
Our first day of filming started in Lenzerheide. We rode an absolutely epic train on the dh track side of the valley in the morning and then in the afternoon we went up to a small chalet on the side of the mountain overlooking the Valley, where we had lunch with the owner. We then filmed one of the scariest tricks I’ve ever done on the mountain bike, a Tire Tap 270 off the balcony on the chalet 12ft down onto the hillside below. Claudio also sent it off the drop with a lot less fear than I had!
Which of the five regions was your favourite?
Even though we only saw a fraction of all the trails available, it seemed as though each region is pretty unique. We saw lunar-like landscapes as well as green pastures, fun flowy trails as well as technical rocky lines. It’s nice to be able to ride so much variety in one area. All have so much to offer.
How was filming with Claudio? 
Riding with Claudio is just so much fun! When he is in front, you are struggling to hold on the neat lines he is carving down the trails. We literally had the best time filming! He is constantly talking while riding! When he is behind you though it’s like being in one of his POV World Cup runs where he is constantly pushing you with his commentary trying to take all the inside likes! I’m quite a vocal rider myself as I always ride my mountain bike right at my limit and a little beyond sometimes, so I’m usually screaming in terror or laughing at how close I came to binning it!
The area is quite tolerant of bikers, how did locals respond to you and Claudio?
Well, they might have turned their heads, seeing me repeat a trick a hundred times before landing it. Seriously speaking, we felt extremely welcome everywhere we went. You know, there is hardly a trail in that area, where mountain bikers aren’t allowed to ride. No signs saying you’re not allowed to ride. I think that is awesome.
Have you been spending more time on your mountain bike?
The last couple of years I have done a little more filming on my mountain bike, adding another string to my bow, which I have really enjoyed. But, I have always been outside on my mountain bike and hitting trails in Scotland with my mates.
Is it harder doing trials style tricks on a mountain bike rather than the trials bike?
To be honest it’s not that much more difficult. It’s mainly a case of getting used to the suspension, which you don’t have on a trials bike and teaching yourself how to work with it or take advantage. It limits you in some respects, but it's actually surprising what you can do on a bike that is actually not especially designed for trials.
This year the Mountain Bike World Championships will be held in Lenzerheide. Will you be watching and for everyone going to be there, and where would you recommend them get some riding in?
Yes of course, I hope to be in Lenzerheide watching the World Championships and getting some riding in myself! There are amazing trails starting at the top on the Parpaner Rothorn lift station. It’s a 40 min epic decent right into the valley covering a load of different styles of terrain! Just remember to bring a few spare tubes as it’s pretty rocky!! All the Enduro trails on the opposite side of the valley off the Piz Scalottas lift are real flowy and fun, too.
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Danny MacAskill

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