You need to look after your bike in Days Gone
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10 tips to help you look after your bike in Days Gone

Your bike is the most loyal companion in Days Gone, and looking after it is vital if you want to survive.
Written by Chris White
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Bike damage is inevitable in Days Gone as Deacon rides around Oregon taking on threats. So, knowing how to look after it and where to upgrade will be the difference between life and death. To aid you with taking care of your mechanical best friend, we’ve got some tips on upgrading it, and how to make sure you’re never without the most important means of transport.

1. Collect scrap whenever you can

There are a multitude of items scattered around the world, and plenty of cars to scavenge through. One of the most important things you can find is scrap, as this is what you’ll need when your bike gets damaged. Over time your bike will suffer wear and tear even if you’re not being attacked. When your bike is in dire need of repair, stand next to it and follow the button prompt. Your scrap will disappear, but your bike will be fixed as a result.
Days Gone scavenging
Scavenge cars to collect scrap

2. Keep your fuel topped up

No matter where you travel to in Days Gone – whether you travel by riding yourself or use fast travel – fuel will be consumed at a substantial rate. However, there are plenty of locations for you to pick up a red fuel can and fill up your tank. Picking up a tank and standing next to your bike and pressing Circle will fill it up. We’d recommend not letting your fuel drop below 30%, as you never know when you’ll need to get away from a sticky situation, and the time you’ll get before you’re running on fumes should be just enough to find more fuel.

3. Use camps to restock fuel and repair

If you’re near a camp and your bike is a little worse for wear, the mechanic will refill your fuel and repair your bike for a small fee. These can be lifelines after a hard day questing, so it’s always worth doing so when you can. The cost to do so will depend on how empty your fuel is or how much damage you’ve taken; it won’t always cost the same as it depends on the amount of work that needs doing and how empty your tank is.
Days Gone mechanic
The mechanic will repair and refill your bike

4. Use the map to locate your bike if you get separated

You may feel invincible at times, but it can be quite easy for you to become separated from your bike. If you run out of fuel, or a sniper hits your bike and you fly off it, you may end up on your feet looking for more gas or trying to escape an ambush. If you get too far away, your bike’s location will be highlighted on the map, so don’t panic if you need to leave it somewhere.

5. Land on both wheels

One of the biggest causes of bike damage occurs after you land from a hefty jump. Making sure you land on both wheels reduces the amount of trauma your bike acquires, so using the right analogue stick to balance your bike in mid-air will soften the fall, allowing you to get the landing just right.
Practice makes perfect, and after a while you’ll be able to hit each landing with relative ease. Falling off cliff edges or even falling from a relatively great height can do significant amounts of damage, but even then, if you can land on both wheels it’ll still reduce the damage done.
You need to look after your bike in Days Gone
You need to look after your bike in Days Gone

6. Avoid riding through water

Another main cause of damage to your bike is water. Riding through rivers or streams can do rapid amounts of damage, so do your best to avoid them at all costs. If there’s a bridge, use it, because water is a silent killer. You thought Freakers were bad!

7. Use the bike to quick save

Sometimes, you may find yourself in need of saving your progress, particularly if you’ve just encountered a Horde or completed a fairly large mission and you need a break. When your bike is still and there are no enemies about, pressing Triangle allows you to quick save. This is no doubt one of the best features in Days Gone, and it’s also a great tool for saving wherever you are on the map.
Days Gone enemy
Use the bike to quick save after you've taken out enemies

8. What does each upgrade offer?

At certain camps, you’ll be able to upgrade your bike to help benefit you in specific ways or get a fancy new look to allow you to travel in style. Before you start switching decals, make sure you improve the performance of your bike first. Some upgrades are hidden behind trust levels, and you’ll also need the credits to buy them, but you can see what you need before you buy so you have an idea of what you’ll need.
Having a better engine means you’ll be able to travel faster and escape enemies quicker. Improving your exhaust reduces the noise it makes, therefore alerting less enemies to your whereabouts. Increasing the size of your fuel tank is self-explanatory, but it’s vital for travelling long distances, and upgrading storage means you can keep more ammo on your bike. Unlocking a better frame adds to the bike’s overall health, and finally, upgrading your tyres mean that you’ll be able to manoeuvre through mud and grass better, thus improving the bike’s traction.

9. Unlock Nitrous the first chance you get

Another upgrade to your bike is equipping nitro boosts to your bike. Getting this as soon as you can means you’ll be able to use Nitrous when you need that extra boost to escape an attack. Pressing Cross activates the boost, and it doesn’t take long before it refills. It’s a sure-fire way to help you get closer to targets if you’re in a mission that requires you to catch an enemy who’s escaping, or if a Horde is on your tail.
Days Gone bike
Use a Nitrous boost to escape an attack

10. Mechanics also do a decent paint job

If you’re tired of the same old look, the decals you’ve unlocked through missions can be equipped at the mechanic. Also, you can give your bike its own look, choosing from a range of colours and patterns. If you are the type of gamer that needs to look good whilst killing lots of Freakers, you can do that here.