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Who is your Esports Player Of The Month?

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Vote for your favourite pro gamer of January 2018.

What a start to the year it has been for esports! The final weekend of January was one of the best we can remember for competitive gaming, as Cloud9 became the first North American team to win a CS:GO major, Newbee won ESL One Genting, Inflitration took the first Street Fighter V Evo Japan title and PSG esports beat G2 in the Rocket League final at Dreamhack Leipzig. Meanwhile, the LCS also got underway in January.

So, it’s going to be tough to pick an esports player of the month. As ever, our esports experts and casters have nominated a number of players and it’s up to you to vote for your number one below. Can't decide? Check out the nominations below the poll.

tarik (CS:GO)

Nominated by CS:GO caster Hugo Byron

Hugo says: Cloud9 overcame all odds this month and managed to pick up their first major title at ELEAGUE Boston in January. Not only did they perform a reverse sweep in the Swiss-system group stage after coming back from a 0-2 deficit, but they also managed to take down three of the most highly regarded teams in the world during the playoffs (G2, SK, FaZe). This incredible performance was led by none other than Cloud9's latest addition and current in-game leader, tarik.

Despite his role that limits many other top tier players, he still managed to outperform his entire team and all opposition to lift this Major trophy. All this was done while topfragging almost every series played and finding a stunning 38 kills in the last map of the grand final against FaZe. This wasn't tarik's first monstrous performance, but it certainly was his best.

Hugo Byron is a CS:GO caster. Follow him on Twitter @HugoooTV

Song 'Sccc' Chun (Dota 2)

Nominated by Doug 'Zambrella' Todd

Doug says: Sccc’s Dota career started in 2015 in Newbee’s B team [Newbee Young] but he had little success in the squad. Fast forward a year and Newbee reshuffled their squads and put Sccc on the main team. For another year Newbee and Sccc didn’t enjoy much success until just before The International 7 with Newbee and Sccc placing excellently in tournaments.

At TI7, we got to see Sccc unleash his true power, using heroes such as Queen of Pain and Outworld Devourer to their full extent, giving other top mid players like Miracle and Sumail a run for their money. They ended up placing second at TI7, losing to Team Liquid 3-0. However, in 2018, they are still on top form and came first at ESL One Genting 2018. During the finals of said tournament, they beat Team Liquid 3-2, with Sccc playing a total of four different heroes!

Doug ‘Zambrella’ Todd is a Dota 2 caster and Esports Market Maker. Follow him on Twitter @zambrella101

Doublelift (League Of Legends)

Nominated by esports writer James Busby

James says: My player of the month has to be Doublelift from Team Liquid. Doublelift is one of the NA LCS’ oldest veterans, but his masterful marksman plays in bot-lane continue to astound critics and fans alike. The star ADC currently has a league-leading 19.3 KDA and he’s only died three times this split. This is even more impressive considering he joined Team Liquid’s star-studded roster at the start of the year. It didn’t take long for Doublelift to adjust to his new surroundings, and with Olleh at his side, things can only get better.

James Busby is an esports writer, specialising in League Of Legends.

Jknaps (Rocket League)

Nominated by Rocket League caster Mike 'Gregan' Ellis

Mike says: In January we saw one of the most unbelievable performances by an individual player as Jknaps managed to clutch G2 into the final of Dreamhack Open in Leipzig with save after save and shot after shot. When us casters were deciding the top goals of the day, we struggled to pick goals that weren't scored by Jknaps. Rizzo and Kronovi played brilliantly and aimed to set up their monstrous goal scoring machine, and it very nearly worked, but G2 came out runners up, losing to PSG by a single goal. Still, JKnaps’ individual performance was that of a new, unseen level!

Mike 'Gregan' Ellis is a Rocket League caster and streamer. Follow him on Twitter: @Gregan25

Infiltration (Street Fighter)

Nominated by Street Fighter caster Logan Sama

Logan says: Whilst technically we are in the short 'off-season' of the Capcom Pro Tour until 2018's campaign kicks off in March, events have been taking place around the world. Evo Japan was a great start for a big year ahead for fighting games. Over 2,000 entrants registered for SFV, which offered an opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent across the Asia region, including players that perhaps are unable to travel to higher profile western events. Many notable 'online monsters' showed up and upset many of the professionals. Top Japanese players Daigo and Tokido made the final day's top eight, but it was a Korean player who took the very first Evo Japan SFV crown.

Predominantly relying on his new character Menat, Infiltration was able to navigate the Abigail army and also dispatch Daigo's lethal-looking Guile on the way to a Grand Final rematch against the young Japanese star John Takeuchi's Rashid, who had previously sent him to losers bracket. With a shock switch to his previous character, the perceived bottom tier Juri (who is notably from Korea in storyline canon), he was able to beat Takeuchi twice to reset the bracket and take the crown.

It was an incredible story for a player who is universally loved by the community and has reached incredible heights previously, taking the SFV title at Evo Worlds in 2016. 2017 proved a difficult year for Lee 'Infiltration' Seon-Woo. Issues in his private life coupled with a genuine character crisis saw him end a disappointing 2017 by missing out on the 32-player qualification for Capcom Cup finals in December. What a difference a month can make – he was back with a finely polished Menat, taking the tournament by storm!

Logan Sama is a Street Fighter caster. Follow him on Twitter: @WinnerStaysOn

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