Raise The Bar

Red Bull Raise The Bar Birmingham

United Kingdom

Lab11 in Birmingham, United Kingdom

25 April 2024



The UK’s latest rap cypher, Red Bull Raise The Bar, is heading to Birmingham for its third edition, following its successful roll-out in London and Manchester.

Red Bull Raise The Bar is a new tempo-switching rap cypher inviting MCs to battle in front of a live audience to win the energy of the room. Eight MCs will go bar-for-bar through tempo-switching rounds over Rap, Grime and Drill beats. As the tempo increases, so does the opportunity for MCs to impress the crowd with their lyrical dexterity, flow and energy.

The MCs will need to win over the live-voting crowd to progress to the final round and prove they can raise the bar.

Red Bull Raise The Bar

Red Bull Raise The Bar



Which region?

Red Bull Raise The Bar heads to Birmingham for the third edition of the series.

Which MCs are taking part?

Stepping up to the mic will be eight specially-chosen MCs who are making waves across their respective regions and rap communities. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

How does the competition work?

Rappers will go bar-for-bar on stage, performing over tracks of increasing tempo through UK Rap, Grime and Drill.
The competition will consist of three rounds soundtracked by our guest DJ and guided by the host.

Who votes for the winners?

The audience will vote for their favourite MC at the end of each round, based on who delivers the best show of lyrical dexterity, versatility, flow and energy.