Red Bull Steeplechase 2017

Red Bull Steeplechase 2017


In 2017, Red Bull Steeplechase returns for its fifth year, using the rugged terrain and coastline of Exmoor National Park as its backdrop. 500 male and female runners will tackle the 23-mile route. There will be three knockout points at steeples along the way reducing the numbers down until there are just 20 competitors from each category in the final leg.

Knockout 1 – The first 60% of Men and 70% of women will progress through to the next stage.

Knockout 2 – The first 30% of male and 40% of female runners will make it through to the next stage.

Knockout 3 - Only 20 runners from each category will make it through to the final stage of the race.

The race is continuous; if you make it through a checkpoint you continue straight on, you do not wait for everyone to complete a section. You will be able to clearly see your position at each knockout and if you don’t get through to the next stage you will be transported back to the start in Lynmouth.