Pierre Gasly playing F1 2018

What do Formula 1 drivers think of the new F1 2018 game?

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Pierre Gasly and Romain Grosjean deliver their verdict on Codemasters' latest racer.

With F1 2017 being regarded as the best Formula 1 game of all time, Codemasters' new racer will have a lot to live up to when it's released on August 25. Well, the early signs of very promising. After trying out the new French Grand Prix track – which has returned to the F1 calendar after 10 years away – Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly and Haas racer Romain Grosjean were impressed. As was Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen after trying out Silverstone.

Pierre Gasly
 on F1 2018

Pierre Gasly playing F1 2018
Pierre Gasly playing F1 2018
This is my first try with the F1 2018 game and I must say that I’m super-impressed. I’m a big fan of the games – I’ve always played since I was a kid but every year it keeps getting better.
It already feels close to realityPierre Ricard
As a team we improved the stability on the car. The team did a good job to improve our aero package and it’s actually something you can feel in the game in terms of balance. I didn’t do anything on the setup so far but it feels already really close to reality.
You got to be quite careful in the way you apply the throttle on all the exits, especially the low speed corners.
One of the main improvements this year is the suspension – you can actually feel it pretty well. I’m kerb riding and you feel that you can use the kerb a bit more – it’s a bit more realistic in terms of feeling and feedback you get from the car.
Something quite cool is that you can use the ERS and manage the energy as you like – it's cool to have the similar tools to play with in the game, it’s amazing. The Halo [too] – it’s not easy to reproduce exactly the vision we have in the car but it does feel like my car so they’ve done a pretty good job.
The game is so cool.

Romain Grosjean on F1 2018

Romain Grojean thinks the F1 series is getting better all the time
Romain Grojean thinks the F1 series is getting better all the time
Video games are getting more and more realistic, which is impressive. Obviously it’s never easy to replicate the feeling you get in a car in a video game, but I’ve got to admit it’s getting better and better all the time and you get some decent lines, feelings and lap times out of it.

Max Verstappen on F1 2018

First impressions were really good. I think the car has a more natural feel, and the graphics look really good. The car’s better to drive – we understand how real cars drive and in the game you have to drive it in a similar way.
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