Your opponents won't be happy when you score a sweaty goal
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Goals guaranteed with FIFA 18's best sweaty goals

These are the top ways to wind up your friends on the pitch.
Written by Fraser Gilbert
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Since the dawn of football video games, players have found ways to hit the back of the net easily – otherwise known as 'sweaty goals'. These techniques generally require little-to-moderate skill, and importantly, can be pulled off on a regular basis with success. They're both effective and rage-inducing, making for the perfect combination against friends.
Football games have changed over the years, and guaranteed methods of scoring have lessened in the process. But in FIFA 18, as with any sports game, there are still plenty of tactics you can use to improve your chances of winning. Use the following 'sweaty goal' techniques on your friends, and prepare for the barrage of insults headed your way.

1. The cut back

The cut back is the original move that coined the phrase 'sweaty goal' in FIFA – this is the scenario in which you play a sideways or backwards pass to someone in the clear, allowing for an easy, empty net tap-in. The debate rages on as to whether it can be considered 'cheating', however. Salty friends on the receiving end might comment that it's an exploitation of the AI and an unfair way of scoring, but you know what? They all count. It's not your fault they're bad at defending.

2. The kick off goal

There's no doubt kick off goals were a little easy to exploit following the release of FIFA 18 last year. Since then, this so-called 'glitch' has been patched, but don't expect your opponents to admit it if you score in the first minute. For some, the theory remains that scoring from the kick off is a form of cheating, and this has led to some memorable rage quitting scenarios in everything from casual friendlies to big-money esports tournaments. Perfect for winding up your friends, then.

3. The driven shot

There's nothing wrong with taking driven shots in FIFA 18 – it's a perfectly legitimate tactic that anyone can try. But it's also one of the most effective, making it a somewhat overused way of getting goals inside the box. It's really easy, too – simply set your power with the shoot button, followed by a second tap to indicate a low, driven kick. All that's left is to watch your uninformed friends question how your accuracy is so good from close range.

4. The easy corner

This is where your extensive knowledge of FIFA comes in handy. Many FIFA players don't know any set piece tricks – ways to enhance the likelihood of scoring from a corner (or free kick). But hopefully, you've studied the lot, whether it's firing to the near post for an easy tap-in or header (the latter is seen in the video above), or playing the short corner with the intent of dribbling your way through. Sure, it's not the most obvious way of scoring a sweaty goal, but a highly proficient one if you can master the right techniques.

5. The drag back method

There are loads of skill moves at your disposal in FIFA 18, but only a few are worth using regularly. The drag back is among the best, allowing you to switch directions quickly via the R1/RB button and a flick of the left stick. Because it's so easy to use, the drag back is a perfect way of fooling your friends and can be pulled off consistently. Spamming the move over the course of a game can prove highly irritating for opponents, and highly effective in creating goals.

6. The chip shot

While mastering the chip shot isn't easy in FIFA 18, doing so provides you with the perfect way of scoring one-on-ones. Many of the game's goalkeepers are quick to come off their line and drop to the floor in these scenarios, ensuring that, if you can time it correctly, the chip shot is a near-guaranteed goal. Do this two or three times in a match, and it won't be long before your friends start kicking up a stink.
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